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drones in stealth teams
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Old 18 Aug 2005, 12:52   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default drones in stealth teams

Ok, in one of the 1500 pt army "rate my list" threads there is a small disagreement about drones inside of a stealth team. Instead of ruin that persons rate my list thread I figured I would jump it over here. Please, if you can, prove me wrong. The relevant rule is page 79 (I think, at work and don't have the book that memorized) the mixed armor saves and majority saves rule.

According to the rule book, if there is a majority save you MUST take that save. If I spend the 27 points and get two drones they will always be outnumbered at the beginning of the game in a stealth squad. Say said stealth squad gets shot five times, wounded three of those times. This squad must then take three saves at the majority save. The majority save being the stealth suits in this case. Normally in three you will fail atleast one which means that you now have two stealth suits and two drones. I'm glad I just lost a 30 point stealth suit who was covering for two drones who equaled 27 points.

Someone please prove me wrong.
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Default Re: drones in stealth teams

sorry, you ain't, and your point is a major malfunction as a result of the rules these days, and will hopefully be dealt with, as the drones lose some importance and role.
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Default Re: drones in stealth teams

Yep. That's why Tau players rarely use Drones these days. The FAQ "correction" made it so Drones now hide from fire and let their masters get hit Pretty silly idea which should get changed in 5 months or so hopefully.
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Default Re: drones in stealth teams

I thought... in the tau codex it even says that drones must get hit?
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Default Re: drones in stealth teams

The codex came out before the new 4th edition rulebook, and the rulebook overrules the codex. The majority armor/toughness rules work together to make drones very worthless.
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Default Re: drones in stealth teams

Well at the moment, drones are pretty screwed.. but I still take them with my stealth squad, not to absorb wounds that much, but to boost the size and firepower a bit, and also take advantage of the free stealth cover for them.
The problem with controlled drones exist for any unit that can take them, not just stealth. We can't really do much about it until some form of FAQ/New codex/Codex Update comes out to clear it all up..

Realistically though, drones probably aren't going to be able to teleport to the other side of a squad to absorb a hit, as it might have appeared with 3rd edition maximised fire warrior squads. Unless of course they can move at the speed of light. And if you say that the drone in Fire Warrior (book) could do so, it was a small drone that was only dodging bullets, not intercepting shots from all over the place.
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