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Crisis : 2 squads ... what configuration
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Old 17 Aug 2005, 18:03   #1 (permalink)
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Default Crisis : 2 squads ... what configuration

Well i want 2 crisis team as elite. I started with all fireknife.

Is it a good idea or is it more interesting to give each squad a more specific role?
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Default Re: Crisis : 2 squads ... what configuration

stick with wither

(a) fireknife

(b) deathrain.

generally, they're the best loadouts. I regard all the others from sunforge, to burning eye as inferior to the above two...
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Default Re: Crisis : 2 squads ... what configuration

Well this is what i use on a team of 3 crisis suits but i am not sure everyone will agree with these configurations

Plasma rifle
missile pod

Twin-linked missile pod
Target lock

Twin linked plasma rifle
Target lock

I like the twin-linked plasma rifle because it gets rid of any guys with a +2 armor save, and the deathrain is good against vehicles and infantry but if it's against space marines they still get there armour save.*
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Default Re: Crisis : 2 squads ... what configuration

Seems innefficient. TL plasma gets .75 hits, and tl missiles gets 1.5 hits, but 2 plasma gets 1 hit and two missiles gets 2 hits.
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Default Re: Crisis : 2 squads ... what configuration

target locks are a waste, i like to "mow" down my enemy with multi trackers and burst cannons and plasma rifles, but with my commander, the 'el or 'o depending on the pts, i give him Hardwired multi's with plasma burst and fusion, fusion just for those tanks that get a little too close.
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Default Re: Crisis : 2 squads ... what configuration

In my standard army I have an O Fireknife w/ SG, 2 teams of 2 Crisis Fireknifed, and a Monat Fireknife w/ 2 GD. I play all Fireknife for the sole reason that almost everything I paly is SMurfs.
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