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crisis suits
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Old 17 Aug 2005, 16:32   #1 (permalink)
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Default crisis suits

how do tau players configure their crisis suits i lik twinlinked plasma rifle and shield generator or twinlinked missle pod with shield generator pls can people give their different configurations because i use all my elite choices on crisis suits cuz they're so gud
so pls tell configurations and send pics of them cuz i lik the way peeps paint em
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Default Re: crisis suits

I like the Twin-linked plasma rifle too! But I usually don't put a shield generator on my guys it takes up too many points,unless you really want your crisis battle suits to survive everything shooting at them then sheild generators are nice.
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Default Re: crisis suits

Trust me I would put shield gens on them. it may sap points but withought one a hit from a melta gun there goes a good 60-70 point guy for a guy that probably cost 25. So shied generators all the way.
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Default Re: crisis suits

I prefer a saturation of firepower than a twin-linked system. While being able to re-roll missed hits is a blessing for the Tau, I'd rather have more shots going down range than fewer shots that may miss just as well.

Crisis Suits are the Swiss Army Knife of my Tau army so I make sure they have something for almost every job. My two main configurations are Missile Pod/Plasma and Missile Pod/Burst. I'm starting to phase out the MP/Burst config for more Plasma as I find myself needing more Anti-Marine than Anti-Ork. But you'd be surprised when extra burst cannons can come in handy. I don't think I'll ever employ a twin-link config on any of my Suits, unless it's a Twin-Missile Pod. Those 36" range beauties are the backbone of Tau firepower. I never leave the Sept World w/o them!

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Default Re: crisis suits

But those sheild generators are 20 points and take up a hard point. I think they are a waste. I don't even put them on my commanders. I rely on mobility to keep me safe. If your suits are being shot at by heavy weapons, then you've probably made a mistake deploying them.

Personally I like taking a Shas'el with plasma rifle/missile pod/multi-tracker/hw drone controller with two gun drones.

I attach him to a two man crisis team with the same weapons and a team leader with a hw drone controller and two gun drones.

This means that the drones will take the first wave of fire, so I have a bit of breathing room to get my suits out if they get caught in an enemy firing lane.

I like the weapons load out because it allows for a large number of good light tank and marine popping shots. I usually take two teams in 1500 points and I add pathfinders at 1750 to make them more accurate.
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Default Re: crisis suits

Yeah, the only reason I pack a Shield Generator on my Commander is for when the unavoidable assault comes. A Commander with his 3 or 4 wounds can hold up a pretty decent sized assault for a few turns to buy nearby units time to exit the area. Plus I've been charged by a Rhino full of marines before on the sole intention of trying to fire off a meltagun to vaporize my commander. That 4+ inv really broke his spirit... that and the fact I Missile Pod'd the Rhino and they all got entangled when I blew it up. Fun stuff.

But I normally save Shield Gens for only my Commanders. Whenever I play 40k, I always envision my Army's Commander as me. And if I were me and I was a Tau Commander, Greater Good or not... someone's giving me a d@mn Shield Generator! ;D

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Default Re: crisis suits

For me there are two main systems configurations:

fireknife -7 and -6

TL PR and MP is my favorite.
TL MP and PR is second.

I roll crappy, so I like the twin linking.

I usually run all as teamleaders in one man units so I can HW the MT and get the twin link.* If I need more, I'll just set up the others as regular fireknifes with PR, MP and MT.

All of the other weapons systems get my crisis too close to the enemy.* No meltas are going to shoot me from 36" or even 30" (my JSJ range with plasma rifle).* Just stay outside of 18" and everything is good!

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Old 17 Aug 2005, 23:32   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: crisis suits

here, read this article first:


i like the DeathRains best (2 Missile Pods/flamer), since they fit a role in my army very very well (light vehicle/dread kill), ANd are built to survive! built to survive? you dont see the kit eh? well, the setup has a 3 foot range, and with no requirements to go toe to toe can totally go the whole game hiding behind cover, jumping out, missiles away, and jumping back to cover.. and survive they will! and twin linked 2 dicers means you dont have to worry about their accuracy problems so much, as your almost guaranteed at least 4 armor penetration rolls each turn (with 3 suits)

the Flamer is 3-fold. one of the benefits of this setup is its one of the cheapest point wise (57 points, TRY building a cheaper suit!), and the other is that sometimes your facing Tryanid hoards or other weak swarm army... and who wouldnt like a jump-3 flamer templates-jump unit in that case? the third reason is its a weapon youll never want to really use with the missiles... so you wont be tempted to kit out a multitracker or anything for it.... thereby keeping it cheap!

other configs are nice (#2 for me would be Burnin Eyes, #3 FireKnifes), and im toying with the idea of 3 suits: TwL Burst Cannons/Drone Controller/2 Gun Drones.... thats.. erm... a lotta dice getting thrown at something; ALL twin-linked, and a lotta Frisbee-Shields as a bonus! but theres a unit out there that does this role just fine (Stealth suits/lotta Firewarriors), so its kindof a redundant unit. still though..... ;D
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Default Re: crisis suits

Oh god this is asked too many times. But on topic, I like...

Fireknife w/ TLMP and HWMT
Death Rain w/ Flamer
Death Rain w/ Target Lock
Burning Eye w/ Flamer
Burning EYe w/ Target Lock
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Default Re: crisis suits

Originally Posted by Calaban
one of the benefits of this setup is its one of the cheapest point wise (57 points, TRY building a cheaper suit!),
Here is a cheaper one:
Crisis suit
Burst Cannon

Total: 51

Point Costs edited out - mace
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