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Default Kroot

Whenever I thought of kroot, I knew there was something to describe them, but I couldn't think exactly what it was. As I was running the stats of kroot against marines, and thinking about what options kroot have, the word came to me.


Kroot are useful simply because they don't have a lot of the bells and whistles we see in many troops.

First off, remember that kroot are most powerful when used in cover.

Kroot can infiltrate, allowing them to be placed into cover very easily.

Then think about charging units in cover. If they don't have frags, the defenders strike first (there goes the kroots bad init). Kroot have to attacks at all times, so they have less of a need to charge for the attacks (charging multiplies their attacks by 1.5 instead of two), giving them the ability to simply sit back, fire off some mini bolters (they can see 12" through forest, so they can rapidfire most charging units, and if they are 7" into the forest they cannot be fired upon by assault weapons the enemy is using. If they are less than 6" into the forest, and the enemy wants to shoot them, they are shooting at a unit that most likely didn't pay for a save but is getting a 4+ or 5+ save that ignores AP. Against marines, AP5 weaponry wouldn't matter, so the fact that their gun is only ap6 means they didn't pay for a worthless upgrade. The fact that they have no armor of their own means that common powergaming (starcannons, 5 man las/plas teams) make little to no sense.

It seems like they pay little because of a few flaws that are easily overcome by the basic strategies employed by the kroot. The forest gives them shelter, so they do not need armor. It warns them, so they don't need the best reflexes. It takes superheated plasma to ignore their enemies armor, so they go meh and don't bother with it.

The only thing wrong with them at this point is the fact that they are so tied to the forests at this point. It seems that basing armies around a specific type of cover was a relic of third edition, and hopefully GW will either adjust woodcraft to encompass all terrain, or simply lower their points. All in all, they seem a bargain for what they cost.
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Default Re: Kroot

really good post, and you've certainly made a good point (of which I agree).

I'd like to see their fieldcraft skill having benefits of all terrain, +perhaps maybe give them the stealth ability
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Default Re: Kroot

Although Kroot are not my favourite unit, looking back on battles I've had, you're right. 12 Kroot managed to destroy an entire Marine squad, with a Multi-Melta, without being destroyed. This is because they were in cover, and the Multi-Melta (who uses THAT against Kroot?) didn't kill anyone, due to cover save. Thank you for putting the Kroot in a new light for me and many other people.
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Default Re: Kroot

one of my main problems is that I never get points enough to even consider kroot whilst making lists. It's just that I don't think they fit my role, sad but true as Metallica would put it (black album anyone?)
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Default Re: Kroot

Try swapping out gun drones for 10 kroot, if you take them. They fill a similar role, though they are less mobile (and can't deepstrike to pop tanks.)
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