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Tau commanders?
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Default Tau commanders?

I searched the forums, and I didn't see and clarification, and me being terrible at reading comprehension (especially of the rulebook and the codex), I decided I would ask you guys this simple question:

If I give a battlesuit commander a fusion blaster, plasma rifle and misslepod and a hardwired multi-tracker (since I can give a commander several hard wired points), can the battlesuit fire all 3 of the weapons in 1 turn?

Also, if I have a unit with a markerlight paint a target for me, does every shot from a battlesuit hit on a +2?

Thank you

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Default Re: Tau commanders?

Question1 : Nope, Multi-trackers allow 2 weapons to fire per turn, read carfeully in the wargear section. However that setup is totally legal and you can just choose which two weapons to fire each turn.

Question 2: The rules clearly state that one weapon can change its 'to hit' role to a 2+ on accoutn of the markerlight, so I am afraid you will just be able to use it on one weapon (however if this weapon is multi-shot, all of the shots will hit on a 2+

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Default Re: Tau commanders?

42 is the answer alright It would be really nifty if the new Tau codex opened up access to 4-hardpoints per suit. Then you might be able to get combinations like TL Plasma Rifle with TL Missile Pod and HW Multi-tracker. Or to build on Silverwing's example, a commander with a Fusion Blaster, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Burst Cannon and a HW Multi-tracker. It would be the Swiss Army knife of Crisis suits.
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Old 12 Aug 2005, 22:34   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: Tau commanders?

Since, some commanders can have multiple hard wired points, what would happen if i give them several multi trackers?

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Default Re: Tau commanders?

I don't think you can have more then one. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong.
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Default Re: Tau commanders?

Nope. I think there's a limit to one item per suit, no matter what it is. Twin-linking doesn't count, since technically it's still one weapon.

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