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What should I buy next?
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Old 09 Aug 2005, 01:13   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default What should I buy next?

Well, so far I have:

3 crisis suits ( 1 used as commander)
6 stealth troopers
20 firewarrios
12 kroot
12 gun drones
1 devilfish
1 hammerhead (railgun and missile configuration

That makes it roughly 1100 points with the usual amount of upgrades and equipment.
I need to make an army of rougly 2000 points. I was thinking of adding the following:

3 crisis suits
3 broadside suits
28 firewarriors (1 four man box and 2 twelve man boxes)
1 devilfish

That'll cost about 340 canadian dollars. And bring my army to about 2000 points, depending on upgrades and equipment. I'm trying to make a hybrid-ish army, and mostly my opponents are tyrands and chaos. So what d'yall think? WHat should I keep/remove/replace? if anything.
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Default Re: What should I buy next?

Well, do you have magnets? That's one of the first things you should get, magnets and the gear to put them in. Crisis suits and Hammerheads really call for it.

I haven't fought a lot of tyranids or chaos, but you should evaluate carefully whether you really need the broadsides. If the nid player is a horde army, you probably won't. Hammerheads and crisis suits can deal with most stuff unless you have a lot of vehicles or big creatures. When I field broadsides, I find that most of the time they have no targets worthy of the railguns. Lousy marine players taking pure infantry!

My disclaimer: I've really only fought battles up to about 1250, with one or two broadsides.
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Default Re: What should I buy next?

my 2c:

id max out on your Stealth squad (nothing like 18 str 5 shots at a tyr brood i always say.... well, maybe i dont, but its a dream id like to see come true), and some more Kroot. Kroot units change altogether in quality when you have 20 of them... trust me. double Hammerheads and a Broadside suad is MY 2000 pt heavy support army list.... just me though. dunno about chaos, but 2 Submunitions hitting a Tyranid brood is ALSO a dream come true! also, think a bit about Pathfinders... youll notice your Crisis suits AND submunition pie-plates (AND crisis burst cannons if yer greedy on yer hits) just dont actually HIT that often. Pathfinders help. really. imagine 4-5 'automatic hit' tokens on a unit you really really would like to kill off this turn. Seeker missiles are just the Coup de Grace.. or bonus.

As DireStrike said (without quite saying it.. :P ) forget a devilfish, and spend the extra for another Hammerhead....with some snips (not really any magnets needed) a Hammerhead kit can get you a Hammerhead OR a Devilfish.. how, exactly?? its all in the chin turret: snip off the nub on the curvy part that holds the chin turret in.... then you can tease the chin turret OUT and replace it with the HH targetting turret... the rest is simple: leave the turret unglued, AND the commanders hatch unglued... pull the hatch off the turret, toss the turret, swap out the Bursts/Smart missile drones with real drones.. Presto!! a totally stock Devilfish!

same for Broadsides, but these DO need magnets: magnet on the pewter bits, and keep the feet non-permanent. you can figure out from there how to make a broadside kit a broadside OR a Crisis.
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Default Re: What should I buy next?

You need magnets on your hammerhead main turret if you want to switch the main guns out, because they droop if nothing holds them in. Of course, the Ion cannon makes it a very different vehicle...

Anyway, if you want to know more about magnets and conversions just say the word.
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Default Re: What should I buy next?

Regarding that last point.. see Hammerhead to devilfish thread - link in my sig :P
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