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Aun'O tells his story
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Default Aun'O tells his story

Tau vs Word Bearers 1000p.

“Still they come!” Shouted O’Mesme to Aun’O

“We have significant troops to hold them off.” Assured Aun’O.

“Yet it seems there is no end to this red plague and their magic. They seem to be able to create beasts right in front of our lines!” Stressed O’Mesme.

“I know this. Kroot scouts have sighted them advancing past the two towers, they are significantly less in numbers now. Even so, we must be prepared for a tough fight.”


HQ[*]Shas’O 110
-plasma rifle, missile pod, multitracker[*]Ethereal 50

Elites[*]Crisis 65
-plasma rifle, missile pod, multitracker[*]6 Stealths 180

Troops[*]12 Fire Warriors 130
-shas’ui[*]12 Fire Warriors 130
-shas’ui[*]10 Kroot 70[*]10 Kroot 70

Heavy Support[*]Hammerhead 195
-railgun, smart missiles, decoy launchers, multitracker, target lock, disruption pod, fletchette dischargers, black sun filter.

1000 points.

Word Bearers

HQ[*]Chaos Lieutenant joining 6 CSM 141
-MOCU, power weapon, plasma pistol, frag grenades, daemonic armour, daemonic aura, daemonic mutation, daemonic strength

Troops[*]8 CSM 178
-MOCU, AC with p.fist & plasma pistol, 2 plasma guns[*]6 CSM 148
-MOCU, AC with p.fist & plasma pistol, 2 plasma guns[*]5 CSM 105
-MOCU, tank hunters, lascannon[*]6 Flamers of Tzeentch 138[*]6 Daemonettes 90

Heavy Support[*]Predator 200
-twinlinked lascannon, 2 side sponson heavy bolters, daemonic possession, mutated hull, parasitic possession

1000 points.

The Word Bearers were advancing on the Tau from the north east. Aun’O rallied the fire warriors and prepared them for the oncoming slaughter.

Tau Turn One

The hammerhead and crisis suit advanced north towards the large building for protection.

The stealths and the commander jump shoot jumped, stealths were out of range, however a marine fell to some plasma.

The fire warriors were still nervous and were not able to penetrate any armour.

The kroot however were enjoying the feast to come, and were brilliant marksmen killing 2 marines.

Word Bearers Turn One

The Word Bearers knew the strength of the tau firepower, but they also knew they could be taken down ten to one in combat. So the advance began.

The lieutenant and the 6 CSM advanced towards the kroot to the west.

The 5 CSM left advanced towards the building south to get as much cover as possible from the building.

The predator moved forward a fraction, weary there was a railgun looming far southwest. It shot at the kroot, however the building was able to absorb most of the damage and only the carnivore at the window fell to the heavy bolters.

Tau Turn Two

The crisis was able to hide behind the wall, in position to start shooting the CSM advancing the next turn.

The stealths and commander were able to position themselves to the west to see the CSM hiding behind the building. One stealth was in range of one marine, the aspiring champion. With the assurances of O’Mesme by his side, the stealth was able to snipe the Champion! The commander however was too busy concentrating on encouraging the stealth and missed his own fire, and the kroot and fire warriors were both unable to see the marines.

Word Bearers Turn Two

The lieutenant and the CSM continued their advance towards the kroot in the west. The CSM on the east weren't so brave to face both kroot and fire warrior fire power, and stayed put, summoning the flamers of tzeentch right in front of the tau battle lines. They moved, shot, and assaulted the fire warriors, killing 3 then 2 in combat. The fire warriors were able to shoot down one of the advancing flamers as it tried to enter the building, and the combat was drawn.

The predator thought it was safe to advance a fraction further, it could not see where the hammerhead had gone and assumed it was behind the building. The hammerhead was in fact positioned behind the forest. The predator shot and killed 2 more kroot, the building was being torn apart and was not able to stop as much fire as before.

Tau Turn Three

Aun’O witnessed the horrifying summoning from a relative close distance, and decided to rally his fire warriors and advance them north west. He beckoned O’Mesme and the stealths to follow.

The kroot did not receive any orders for they were too far away, and decided it was time to eat, and assaulted the flamers of tzeentch. They were able to kill all but one, which one fire warrior sacrificed himself to so the rest were given the opportunity to take it down. The kroot then were able to hide inside the building, much happier with one that was not already shot to pieces. The fire warriors positioned themselves towards the back, they were shaken and did not want to face the horrifying terrors the red marines brought again.

The kroot on the west were at last able to do more than watch the chaos space marines advance, and were able to kill one, with the crisis chipping in with a kill as well. The hammerhead jumped out from behind the forest, but the tricky move was too much and it missed the predator.

Word Bearers Turn Three

Noticing the stream of blue flying over it, the predator decided to take the tau tank head on, advancing towards it at full speed. Its calculations however decided it was unusually out of range, but couldn’t waste time thinking of what tau device was effecting them and decided to shoot the fire warriors out in the open instead, which it did beautifully, taking down 5.

The tank hunter lascannon was finally able to hit, he was not used to shooting at man sized targets, and killed a fire warrior out in the open.

The lieutenant continued his advance, unshaken by the fire power his unit was now under, instead more determined than ever to slaughter the carnivores close up.

Tau Turn Four

With a quick word to his commander, Aun’O and O’Mesme decided it would be better to get into cover from the red tank until it had been taken care of, and advanced north west towards the large building.

The fire warriors however marched forward for the greater good, to protect their Aun with cover fire. The shaken fire warriors decided it would be safer behind the building, and went out the back door. The kroot were having trouble moving in the new building however, and so decided to stay put at the front door.

The kroot on the west were able to repeat the performance of their brethren in the south east and killed 2 marines, the crisis however failed to have any effect.

The pilot of the hammerhead told the crew to unload the landing gear. They were carrying too much equipment, if they were going to hit the predator they'd have to remain stationary. A cheer from the crew when the railgun hit was shortly lived however when it appeared the ghastly vehicle soaked up the shot with no effect.

Word Bearers Turn Four

The lieutenant marched on, getting so close that he and his men were able to fire and kill 2 kroot.

The tank hunter lascannon was getting good at this, and killed another fire warrior.

The CSM in the south decided the tau fire power had been wittled down enough by their tank that they could risk marching further, but not before summoning the daemonettes, summoned right in front of the tau battles lines again. The daemonettes were able to sense the heightened fear of the fire warriors behind the building, and were greatly rewarded as they assaulted and slaughtered the cowering tau. They were so distracted by the enjoyment that they could not reach the kroot inside the building, only just making it into the building themselves. The kroot were very lucky, they were also distracted for the time being by the display put on by the CSM in front of them. Two kroot were carelessly gunned down as they watched a marine kill himself with plasma.

The predator was delighted to see the tau skimmer on the ground, as delighted as a possessed tank can be. It was able to destroy the left engine, the tau tank wouldn’t be moving again. One wonders what the effect would have been if the engine had been destroyed while the tank was in the air, but not a possessed chaos predator.

Tau Turn Five

O’Mesme was able to gun down a tankhunter marine with his missile pod from the distance as he continued towards the building, with Aun’O following.

The stealths and the determined fire warriors advanced towards the summoned daemons in the building, easily gunning them down with their massed firepower.

The kroot, witnessing the last daemonette falling, were able to turn around and shoot the advancing marines, killing one.

The kroot in the north west continued their shooting and were able to take out another marine, the crisis taking out the last one. The only man left was the lieutenant, with a rage unmatched by anything even O’Mesme had witness before.

Word Bearers Turn Five

The Lieutenant assaulted the kroot with a score to settle. He was however too blind with anger to get into the building properly, only killing the 2 kroot injured by the frag grenade at the door. The kroot watched the clumsy lieutenant and decided they could take him on, even though he managed to brush off their initial attacks.

The 2 CSM down south were also able to experience kroot in combat, they however had nothing to distract the kroot with. The kroot were able to cut up the first marine to enter the building. The last chaos space marine decided it wasn’t a good idea and retreated.

The tank hunter lascannon was starting to get really good at shooting infantry, and killed another fire warrior.

The Predator used the same coordinates for its shot again, adjusting it slightly to hit the body of the tank. The shot, a direct hit, was however not near any vital equipment and only stunned the crew.

Tau Turn Six

Aun’O and O’Mesme found a safe haven finally, and met up with Crisis Shas’ui to hear what had been happening on the other side of the building. O’Mesme congratulated Shas’ui on a job well done, giving a brief thought on how good their alliance with the kroot is, then brushing away the thought of them in combat.

The kroot in combat decided it was all or nothing. They rushed in, swatted off by the lieutenant as he killed them in one blow. 3 Fell before one was able to wound the lieutenant, but it appeared it would take another wound to stop him. The kroot tried to flee out of the building’s single door from the monster, but the lieutenant was able to kill them off one by one.

The kroot in the south east were doing much better, and were able to gun down the last CSM.

The fire warriors decided it was safer from the lascannon picking them off if they were inside a building, and hid behind the kroot.

Word Bearers Turn Six

The lieutenant calmed down a bit and had a look at the situation. He could see his tank hunter squad in the distance and the top half of his his predator over the wall. He decided he would wait for reinforcements, and hid behind the building.

The predator had another go at the hammerhead, this time knocking off the railgun.

The tank hunter lascannon was getting so good by now, he picked out a fire warrior behind the kroot in the building and annihilated him.

“Ah, here are the stealths Aun’O” said O’Mesme.

“You have done a fine job young Shas’ui. Just a question though, where have you been the whole battle!?” asked Aun’O.

“We were following you, but then the second wave of daemons came. So we took them out and then followed you again.” Replied a Shas'ui.

“Ah, that would make sense” radioed O’Mesme to Aun’O. “I thought 5 fire warriors were able to gun down all 6 of them!”

“Oh we did most of the work” joked Fire Warrior Shas’ui, arriving with 2 other fire warriors, and 5 kroot.

“I would most certainly say that you all did a fine job, but it was certainly the kroot that acted beyond the call of duty this battle” proclaimed O’Mesme.

“Agreed.” nodded Aun’O, receiving a nod in return from the wearied kroot.

I lost a unit of fire warriors and kroot, and half another unit of fire warriors and the hammerhead was immobolised, conceding 363 vp.

My army was able to kill 2 CSM squads and 2 daemon squads, resulting in 554 vp.

I won with a solid victory by 191 vp.
108/20/22 w/d/l
Tournament: 25/5/5
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Default Re: Aun'O tells his story

Nicely written, good battle!

But why on earth did you land the Hammerhead? Granted he did get a 5, but decoy launchers... It just seems like the chances of landing paying off are very slim.
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Default Re: Aun'O tells his story

Originally Posted by DireStrike
Nicely written, good battle!

But why on earth did you land the Hammerhead? Granted he did get a 5, but decoy launchers... It just seems like the chances of landing paying off are very slim.
Same question, and another question. Get a 5? Do you mean getting a BS of 5 for landing your hammerhead? where is THIS written if the answer is yes. Far as i know there is NO payoff whatsoever for landing a hammer head, but i've been wrong before.
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Default Re: Aun'O tells his story

yeah, what's the +side of landing a skimmer? i take it you meant "got 5" meant 5 on the armour pen. chart, but still, why land it? Nice battle, you fared very well

Cool, well written, well detailed and fun2read b.rep.
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Default Re: Aun'O tells his story

Great report, a bit of background, detailed turn by turn review and some pictures as well, - +1 karma!

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Default Re: Aun'O tells his story

Yes, I was talking about the 5 on the penetration table.

In this case it meant the hit didn't affect him at all... but he could get the same result by just moving less than 6 inches. He just nullified his own movement forever, as well as the decoy launchers. The only reason I could see to land a skimmer is if you want to permanently block a movement lane and you know nobody can get through your armor in time.
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Default Re: Aun'O tells his story

A good report. I agree with everyone else who is mystified to why you landed the Hammerhead. I really like your use of kroot. A lot of players bash on their abilities but this proves that used correctly they can do serious damage. Personally I would have infiltrated the stealth suits somewhere in the middle of the board so that they could have had more effect on the game.

A slightly off topic question. I have a pair of narrative battle reports between my Gue'vassa Imperial Guard and Space Wolves. Should I post them here because they are allied with the Tau, or in the Guard forums?

Go Kroot!
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Default Re: Aun'O tells his story

Great turn by turn action. CSM can really suck. Kinda makes me want to do a play by play of one of my future games. Over all, great job!
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