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Biker Eldar
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Default Biker Eldar

I started another, similar topic on this before. In that, I asked for advice on how to use my specific army in my situation. Now I ask for general strategy. What would you do to beat a biker eldar army?

I see two major problems. The first is keeping your crisis suits alive and effective. They are great bike killers, but in turn can be easily killed by the bikes. The bikes will gladly hide and shoot you with all manner of nasty weapons, but if you advance to engage them they will assault you with brutal effectiveness.

The second problem is with killing vypers. It just comes down to dice rolls for me. The handful of missiles and 2 or 3 pulse rifle shots that get through are never enough. Especially when you are forced to roll two dice... one of them always seems to come up one or two for me.
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Default Re: Biker Eldar

Jetbike - ignore them. Totally nerfed and next to worthless with their tiny range. Chances are if they can shoot you, you can shoot back - even then they'll probably do little to you. The only thing that might cause a problem are Shuriken Cannons (which are limited and number and expensive) or Farseers. Overall they are totally overpointed.

Vypers - fear them. Chances are that in a map with decent terrain against a smart opponant you'll never be able to draw LOS to them, ever. Possible solutions are Smart Missiles (not needing LOS, but you need to be close) or deep striking suits (unreliable). It might be possible to 'flush them out' by moving a Devilfish team against one hiding behind cover, but it's still unlikely (not to mention you'll be closer to the rest of the Eldar's short ranged but deadly firepower).

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