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Battle Report: Slaughter at the hands of the Tau
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Battle Report: Slaughter at the hands of the Tau

Well, I played a game against one of my friends recently and the outcome was horrible. I visciously slaughtered a Space Wolves army loosing 4 firewarriors and my Ionhead. We played a 950 point cleanse mission which lasted 6 turns and taught us a valuable lesson. Do Not, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to charge Tau across a mostly flat landscape without transports! I played a hybrid army of:
1 Shas'el [Deathrain]
2 Firewarriors Squads
2 XV8 Fireknife Suits
6 XV15 Stealth Suits
1 Ionhead
1 XV88 Broadside

I split my forces into two groups: The mobile and the non-mobile. Using the stealths, crisis, and ionhead I moved up the right flank taking out my opponents dreadnought, wolf lord, wolves, and various other units. Because my opponent went with a heavy bolter rather than a lascannon on the dread, I could just JSJ and avoid almost all of his fire using relatively little cover. While my broadside and firewarriors kept at the back and took the occasional shot (mostly they just stood around and looked pretty). In the end, I moved the mobile flank of my army around and finished off what marines he had left. Atleast I can now understand how SMurf players could feel a little insulted by our nice weaponry. Nice armor doesn't really give you insane advantages anymore when you play against plasma rifles, missile pods, or railguns. I just know that next time, I won't have it so easy, since he's going to be mounting his troups in transports. I also suspect that he'll be infiltrating (we played Alpha this time), and doing absolutely everything to get in my face. What do I do about that?
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Default Re: Battle Report: Slaughter at the hands of the Tau

Use missile pods on the rhinos which his troops will no doubt be mounted in, and use massed fire for the infiltrators.

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Default Re: Battle Report: Slaughter at the hands of the Tau

I'd say drop the broadside and give the Hammerhead a railgun and a pair of burst cannons. Use the extra points to add in a small squad of kroot to place where you expect your opponent to try to infiltrate his own units.
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Default Re: Battle Report: Slaughter at the hands of the Tau

Shouldn't have to do too much, he'll lose around 3 marines for every transport he buys, and, if you play it right, the transports should not survive past the first or second turn, you have the Ion Head, the missile pods, the stealth suits, the broadside, even your firewarriors. But, if you do want protection even if he reaches your line, you could always make a little room for a devilfish or 2, that way he'll charge at your line with his tanks, but by the time he gets a chance to disambark, you'll be gone. Draw him into your lines with the firewarriors, then speed off and rain hell with everything else. This will work fairly well, but I'd just leave the list the way it is, it has plenty of rhino popping power.

Hope it helps.

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Default Re: Battle Report: Slaughter at the hands of the Tau

Rhinos = STEEL COFFIN vs Tau. Your fire warriors can shoot down a Rhino, heck, your Kroot can too. I'd rather have my space marine opponents mount up. A nice chunk of marines die during emergency disembark when the Rhinos go kaboom.
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