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Tau allied races
Closed Thread
Old 04 Aug 2005, 14:44   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Tau allied races

Hi all!

I was wondering, with the addition of human auxilliaries will there be any chance of other additions from the list of allies that the Tau consider most powerful?

Also what do these other races look like for conversion purposes?

i.e. Nicassar? Demiburg? Vespid?


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Default Re: Tau allied races

Well, rumor is that the Tau will be getting the Vespid, a bug-like race that, from the consept sketch, appears to have a flamer.

As for the other part, I don't know.
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Default Re: Tau allied races

-Nicasssar are dog-like humanoids I believe

-Demiurg are kind of like dwarves

-Vespid look like a cross between a fire warrior, a wasp, and a grunt from halo. Theres a picture somewhere on the forum under the rumors board.
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Default Re: Tau allied races

Just for your information. A similar topic is already running.
Try the search function.
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Default Re: Tau allied races

nicassar are described as thin psychic polar bears.
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Default Re: Tau allied races

I think it might be interesting (and plausible) to have some Eldar allies. From what I hear, in the fluff they helped the Tau out against the Orks; can't remember exact event that was though.
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Default Re: Tau allied races

Eldar didn't help Tau, they helped the Demiurg, which happened to benefit the Tau.
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Default Re: Tau allied races

I want to do a Demuirg army! Squats have been reborn! Long live the SPACE DWARVES!!!!!! (sorry couldn't resist)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Tau allied races

If the dwarves are born from holes from the ground, is that the same for the Space dwarves? Maybe they born out of the holes in a asteroid. Sorry i had to ask that
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Default Re: Tau allied races

Don't forget Tallerians and Galgs, more info here: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.ph...4397#msg164397

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