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Do seeker missles reload?
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Old 02 Aug 2005, 01:29   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default Do seeker missles reload?

From some forums, I read that seeker missles reload each turn and from other I heard that they don't. Could you clear things up for me?

Thanks, Pyromaniac
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Default Re: Do seeker missles reload?

NO! If for example u pay for 4 seeker missiles on ur HH. That is it, u only get 4. Seeker missiles DO NOT reload.
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Default Re: Do seeker missles reload?

No, seekers are one use only. Read the codex entry, they are fire-and-forget, one use weapons.
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Default Re: Do seeker missles reload?

Come on. If you buy four seekers you get four seekers simple and easy!
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Default Re: Do seeker missles reload?

Oddly enough, the Codex never actually states that they are a one-shot weapon. That is where this problem comes from. The Imperial Hunter-Killer missile has a statement that specifically says it may only be used once per battle. The Seeker Missile does not. That said, I think the intent was pretty obvious. Never mind.
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Default Re: Do seeker missles reload?

Not trying to be a know( ;D ) it all person the codex actually says it is a one-shot weapon.

And I quote from page 20 of the Tau codex under the heading of seeker missles. "Up to four missles can be fitted to a single vehicle and launched in a single turn if desired, although each needs to be guided by a seperate markerlight. Each missle is a one-shot weapon."

The codex not really yelling it out or anything, but they are one-shot weapons.
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Default Re: Do seeker missles reload?

ZombieKiller gives the quote, so everyone with a codex should have that question covered.

However, the ability to re-load and re-launch 4 seekers every turn (or even 8 seekers) .... wow. Can you imagine that kind of power? It would be cruel really. 4 Missiles that hit each turn on a 2+ and tear through marines? If that was the case, we'd probably not care about spending 500 points for two squads of them to just have the chance to unload seekers every turn, removing full squads from the board, while our tanks and other units do their thing too. Much too powerful if we had that ability. Much too powerful

Wishful thinking... even I would like that, but admitidly it would seriously create a hate for the Tau amongst the power armor players ;D
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Default Re: Do seeker missles reload?

And if marine players would hate it then so would GW...probably one of the reasons that plasma rifles will be increased in points (storms of in a sulk to devise new anti-marine tactics!)

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Default Re: Do seeker missles reload?


Seeker missiles are one shot weapons, and it even says that in the codex!

So... no!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Do seeker missles reload?

Best thing to remember with seekers is 1 shot 1 kill
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