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Quick Broadside Question
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Quick Broadside Question

I'm buying a Broadside team soon, and I wanted to ask,
Are there plasma rifles included on the sprue?

I know they are in the codex, but I wouldn't want to assemble them with no plasma rifles, and I'd like to know if i have to bitz order them.
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There is one in the package like all crisis suits so if you have any left from other crisis suits just steal the second from your bits. If you dont have other crisis suits you could pick them up and make deathrains snagging the missile pods from the broadside package to make the deathrain's twin linked missile pods. Thus accomplishing 2 squads construction at once.
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there is only one plasma rifle in the box, you will have to get another or convert it look like a twin-linked one.
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