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Fielding Forge World Models
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Default Fielding Forge World Models

Hi guys I am after the public's view on my situation
I want to get hold of a forge world model battle suit to have a * AWESOME* looking Crisis Suit Commander Shas’o, however I don't intend on using the fancy gear that normally comes with them but still give them the normal crisis gear and just wondering, if I make it clear that he still has the same gear and stats as a normal Shas'o would *YOU* or my opponent be cool with it?
(I play friendly games or local shop tournaments but not official/big tournaments)
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Yea I would have no problem with it as long as the distinction is clear. I will admit forgeworld stuff usually looks better.
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yeah forge world stuff is amazing and if you fielded with with standard codex gear i would have ZERO problems with it but i'm not sure if it can be fitted with normal gear maybe you could convert it a bit perhaps but i do know some tournaments have a what you see is what you get rule i.e to have a pulse rifle your model has to have a pulse rifle etc most aren't that strict but you should know before you buy as forgeworld stuff is expensive.

but having trouble in that regard is fairly unlikely and you'd probably be able to modify the suits just fine.
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Yeah that should not be a problem. Just show your opponent on your force roster where he is just a normally equipped Shas'O that looks cool.
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crisis, forge world, rules

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