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New Tau player
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Default New Tau player

New to 40k and to Tau (makes sense, eh?). I've played two full games, a couple of partial games and watched several more (while talking strats with the players involved). Our GW store has quite a few players who all seem very laid back/helpful. I might try a tournament one day as well. (a little background to help with this thread).

I'm looking to see where I should go for the future. I've read up on tactica, etc. so I have an idea of what I can do but wondering about growth. Here is what I have so far for pieces (lots of magnets used for flexibility!!):

4 Crisis suits (one acts as HQ... normally Shas'El)
1 Hammerhead (with pieces for sky ray available)
1 Devilfish (with pieces for sky ray available)
24 FW
15 Kroot
2 piranha
3 stealth suits
12+ drones which can become gun/markerlight/shield as needed

I'm playing 1000-1500 point games mostly. I didn't put load outs since it changes based on points played. Our players general prefer "all comers" list so I use Fireknives and other combos with missile pods.

Should I get broadsides or Hammerheads for more AT? (2v2 game I was weak on AT)

Pathfinders for markerlight support? (or embed ML in other units?)

other ideas to build out an "all comers" army of pieces?
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an all comers army is a pipe dream build an anti space marine list and you'll fair a lot better in general or so experience has thought me.

If your going to use markerlights definitely get pathfinders since their the cheapest and best way to get them.

broadsides are perhaps the best anti tank unit in the game so if you want AT get them

if you really want to build an all comers list the easiest way is suit spam with each team specialized for a certain type of enemy.
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To be strong in At one must have the order available to "FIRE BROADSIDES!!!" Sorry being a little theatrical, I'm bored today. Really for reliable AT strength you need to field broadsides. For 2000pts or more i actually field 2 full teams of 3 broadsides each. Usually even as low as 500pts I commonly field at least a single broadside but that is my style and choice in force composition.

For marker lights I like pathfinders but i also use about 4 with marker lights with a couple more equipped with rail rifles giving them the ability to "snipe" characters or troops all over the board so the pathfinders are not just a supporting unit.
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