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OT?? Kroot and FW
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Kroot Warrior
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Default OT?? Kroot and FW

I'm new to the 40k world. I've gotten about 1100 points of stuff purchased and most of it put together... but getting the arms on Kroot and FW is killing me. Is there a trick? Am I missing something?

I have problems lining up the arms/weapons just right. I've gotten them matched up correctly but actually gluing them is difficult at best. Do you glue one arm at a time? Try to do both at once?

Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated

p.s. Started with Tau since they aren't very common in games. There's so much info on these forums to get a Tau player going strong "for the greater good"!!!
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the way i do it is let the glue start to dry andgo tacky then apply the specified/required part.
hope this helps.
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What I usually do is I glue the arm holding the weapon on first in the desired position. Once its set and not going to move I dryfit the other arm and use a knife to get a tight fit at the shoulder. I really do it this way because when the shoulderpad is added the left shoulder is not really vissible and can afford not fitting in perfectly. If somethings going to be a bit off its best if its somewhere you cant see it and we are fortunate enough to have a huge shoulderpad to cover up one of the connections.
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By the sounds of it i doubt your problem is how your putting them on i think your actually trying to put one arms that aren't meant to go together each pair of arms for kroot and firewarriors are PAIRED on their sprue you need to get the corresponding ones if i remember correctly they are usually directly opposite each other.

Hope that helps
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On a side note it's also easier to paint now before putting on the arms... otherwise you have tiny holes to get a paint brush into.
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Try to keep them paired on on the sprue because if you take them all off and try to pair them up after you'll be there till christmas.

Oh, and by the way: if you have trouble painting them pain it on the sprue.
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