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new 5th edition tau codex
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Default new 5th edition tau codex

I’m going to do my best on making a new tau codex but unfortunately I am a tau player and I may be influenced by what I want and not what we deserve. So if you guys here at tau online could give me some feedback and just let me know what you guys think about this.


Airbursting fragmentation projector made un special issue

Cyclic Ion Blaster still special issue for further testing

a type of sword for 3 pts or 5pts for twin linked that increases the user’s ws 1+ (only 1+ even if you have 2 swords). Also if item is twin linked then it counts as two weapons. (mostly just a spot or point filler or for maybe some unknown cc reason) just a little something I believe I would like in my army)

(farsight enclave only) a power sword option for crisis battle suits that is a power weapon for 15 points a piece (not twin linkable) and also still counts as a weapon.

command and control node completely taken off the codex

vectroed retro thrusters made un special issue

positional relay still special issue due to some technical glitches that the reinforcements don’t always make it. hehe

stimulant injector made un special issue

iridium armour made un special issue but price raised to 30 points for lack or iridium on many new planets

failsafe and ejection still special issue

new type of drone, the famous hell drone with a flamer

marker lights. ability to increase shooters bs no longer has a max of 5. target priority test scratched. marker light becomes assault 1 if shooting from under 18 inches (it shouldn’t be as hard to aim a laser when that close to the enemy.

pulse boots (i know, that name sucks) grants the user the hit and run ability for 2 points


stealth suit commander
points ws bs s t w I a ld sv
75 --- 4 - 4 4 4 3 4 3 10 3+ shas o
55 --- 3 - 4 4 4 3 3 3 9 -3+ shas el
all the abilities are the same as the normal commander except up to 5 bodyguard. Same abilities as the normal stealth suits as well but are the commander and his bodyguard can take these items from the armoury for normal cost. AFP, burst cannon, flamer, fusion blaster. Everything else is same.

same as always but it allows you to take 2 crisis suit squads underneath the troop FoC slots instead of his honour guard but the ethereal does not have to co exist with these squads. (they are supposed to be able to just jump back and defend him but don’t have to)


stealth suits
shas vre or shas ui may be equipped with an XV22 suit instead of the normal suit for an extra 5 points each (if one takes this option then all must take this option). The XV22 suit grants each user hit and run ability and stealth due to its increased mobility and flexibility. It also adds 1 initiative (or is this too much)


fire warriors point cost decreased from 10 points to 8 points. firewarriors may also take pulse boots (as listed in the armoury above) for 2 points that grants the user hit and run.

Devilfish lowered point cost to like 60 points and can be replaced with 2 markerlights for 30 points (may be too cheap)

kroot, if you take a kroot shaper than you can add 1 of 3 mutations to that squad of kroot. I haven’t thought of the fluff for these yet but here they are. the 1st mutation is like tougher skin and gives the user 1+ toughness and maybe a 6+ armour save (can be changed to 5+ through other shaper ability. 2nd is like being faster and gives them 1+ iniative and rolls of 6+ to hit in cc offer 2 attacks instead of one. Next is like having a bigger and smarter brain that grants them 1+ initiative and 1+ leadership. The last is like longer claws and stronger arms that grants user 1+ strength and maybe 1+ weapon skill. Also this isn’t a mutation but field craft is switched to just plain stealth.

Nicassar (psychic, auxiliary unit). (this OR the demiurg)
1 squad per army
points ws bs s t w I a ld sv
16 --- 2 - 2 2 3 1 2 1 9 --
2-6 in a squad
fear: all enemies within 24 inches suffer a -1 ld for the rest of the turn. This effect can be stacked until a target has a minimum of 7 or less ld.
psychic spear: 12 inch range, strength 8, ap 1, heavy 1
warp blast: 18 inch range, large blast marker, group of at least 4 nicassar group together and warp target area under large blast marker. Roll for scatter. (example 4 nicassar shoot 1 warp blast). Nicassar can also only move 3 inches instead of 6.
(I’m not sure on these abilities, you tell me)

Demiurg (this or the nicassar) (maybe actually both)
points ws bs s t w I a ld sv
12 --- 3 - 3 3 3 1 3 1 8 -5+
4-12 in squad
ion rifle, 18 inch range, strength 5, ap 3, assault 2
deep strike (from digging underground)
(they might need a higher point cost for their weapon)

Fast attack

XV9 from forge world

pathfinder with new markerlight
not a requirement to have devilfish
ability to take pulse boots
stealth ability

maybe move sniper drone squad here and take out 3 per foc chart and added infiltrate and stealth

piranha can take rail rifle for 10 points or 2 separate flamers for 5 points or 2 markerlight for 30 points (may be too cheap for markerlights but might work)

heavy support

hammer head can take heavy burst cannon that has these stats for 5 points
36 inch range, strength 5, ap 5, assault 6

broadside point cost changed to 30 points
broadside can take twin linked railguns for 40 points or twin linked ion cannons for 15 points. Can also take some sort of support thing that splits twin linked weapon into 2 separate weapons for 20 points.

special characters

crisis suits can be taken as a troop choice. Crisis suits are 5 less points than normal. Can take power sword thing as listed in armoury. All infantry in farsights army have received extensive cc training (all infantry gain +1 ws)

shadow sun can take XV25 bodyguard as listed in HQ section.

anghor prok brought back (I don’t know what was so awesome about him but people seem to want him back)

Tell me what you think because I think this codex might be just a bit unbalanced.

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Failsafe should be a non-special issue upgrade, but it should also be equipment available to drones. It confuses me to no end why the earth caste thought it would be more appropriate to place such a sacrificial element on such a valuable unit when drones are so readily replaceable.

Command and Control node definitely needs to be changed for the 5th edition thanks to the changes of target priority rules. I think either of the following abilities, or a combination of them, would be appropriate.

- allow any unit within 18" range to use this model's leadership value at any time.

- allow any other individual model within 18" to split fire from the rest of his squad and target the same unit as this model.

- allow 1 unit within 18" to re-roll failed rolls to hit.

Markerlights could more efficiently allow a re-roll to hit/wound. Since there's a lot of guessing that Tau might be boosted to BS4, Re-rolls make a lot more sense than a single boost to BS, especially with the availability of targeting arrays.

If markerlight re-rolls are made available, allowing 2 independent identical weapon systems on a single suit would be a fun, and devastating option available for bringing in yet more shots.

Kroot mutations have actually been around for a long time. The Kroots had their own mercenary list in 3rd and alot of your suggestions mirror the original selections. I whole heartedly back the idea of allowing the mutations in a Tau army, as it really changes up how you plan on having them used.

Among their upgrades, they could gain fleet, and +1 to either T, S, I, LD, or a 4+ save against all templates, including flamers.

Their fieldcraft is a mixed blessing with its narrow range of situational benefits, and I love being able to ignore difficult terrain checks in forests, but I do agree that the stealth USR is a must, and that might just edge out field craft for balance purposes. I won't complain if they give the kroot some variation on that in combination with stealth though.

Psychics in the Tau army would be very good to use as a support element rather than a direct damage element. Allowing the Niccassar a psychic ability similar to kustom force field, or that dark eldar ability that reduces enemy shooting range by 6", or reducing the strength of all weapons targeting models within 12" of them by 1, would be devastating to the enemy plan.
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I like that idea on the failsafe because I just didnt know what to do with it at that point because I thought it pointless. Maybe though if it is put on a drone then istead of str8 ap- it should be more like str6 or 5 ap- due to a smaller body of the drone and less explosive or whatever being able to be put.

Again I didnt know what to do with the command and control node, but interesting ideas.

The leadership one I like

For the re rolled to hit one I think it should be more like Any units within 18 inches of c&cn unit can re roll to hit unit targeted by c&cn unit

I think the split fire one should be changed toany fraction of this unit can split fire from the rest of the group and target the unit attacked by the command and control node user's unit. (example squad of 11 firewarriors, 6 shoot original target, 5 shoot new target).

If you did above though you might need to amp the point cost a little by like 5 points probably.

I havent heard that about tau being boosted to bs4 but that does sound interesting and would make more sense. A technology advanced, primarily shooting army, clad up in technolgy helmet that should help them fire and they only got bs3.

I have a version of that kroot mercanary list somewhere in my computer but I dont remember anything about mutations affecting their stats. i just remember it was like battlegear and you would equip wings or something to the kroot. And for the fieldcraft thing, I just dont like it, it makes them very unpractical in most maps yet very practical in few.

For the nicassar I beleived the same, as for psychic abilities I wanted them to be more supporting with them because a tau army traditionally has no psychic abilities and making them a strong fighting force in your army just wouldnt seem right. Even while I was making them the shooting attack just didnt seem to fit in there.I was thinking of them being very nearly immobile or immobile (In the fluff it says that they are un fit for battle because of their lack of movement and I thought if maybe they wanted to start fighting or something because that would make it interesting. Im not good with the fluff so I dont know. I wanted these guys in more than the demiurg because as I said, I think it would be interesting for the tau to have a ally with psychic abilities and these guys are known for only living in the eastern fringe, rely soly on psychic abilities for everything and have strong connections with tau.
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I would be opposed to any ideas that gives Tau CC options (be it weapons or special suits) for a number of reasons:
1 - Melee combat is bad. This belief is heavily ingrained in the fluff and having anybody besides Auxiliaries and some traitorous deserter scumbag commander do it is just wrong. (Yes I called him a traitorous deserter scumbag. This is not my oppinion on players who field him it's my Commander who told me to write it)
2 - Tau are not Protoss. While I would welcome a Protoss like alien race in 40k I feel making Tau even remotely CC oriented would rob the game as a whole of a highly niche faction and bring the game as a whole a step closer to monotony.
3 - We do have a CC oriented Auxiliary race in the Kroot and a fast assault unit in the Vespids. I would rather like to see some sort of Auxiliary CC unit with higher S attacks designed more towards Bashing Meq's or Teq's. This sort of brings me back to the Protoss.

The options for Drones carrying explosives sounds like an interesting idea. Something potent enough to make the enemy want to shoot them down before they reach CC but not so potent that it can actually wreck anything expensive.
While I can see a value in blowing up a suit with special experimental equipment on it rather than let that special stuff fall into enemy hands I would think it could be a cool idea to have a swarm of drones packed with schrapnell. Maybe have some sort of special rule that says whenever one of those drones is destroyed any other model within 3 inches friend or foe suffers a s3 hit. So successfully shooting one down could potentially create a domino effect wiping out all the drones in the unit.

I would like some sort of buff to the Ethereal or perhaps his bodyguard. Just something that would actually make it viable to occationally bring one. Not so much that he by any stretch becomes mandatory but just something that atleast makes us consider it.

For giving us more crisis suits Im overall against the idea. While the unit admittably is very nice looking I would much rather than giving us various suits for Troop and Fast Attack see other units made more appealing so the suits becomes more of an option rather than being an almost mandatory choice.
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I would honestly hope that the new codex changes a everything a little bit, and some of the things drastically. With the new codex for Dark Eldar having the power from pain rule, and the Grey Knights all being psykers, descent of angels from Blood Angels, and the new orders in the IG, I assume that there is going to be a new pivotal rule in a newer codex. I assume it would/should come from markerlights. Perhaps a way to pay more than one for a single task, like pay 1 to still get your BS+1, or 2 to get re-rolls to hit, and so on where there's a full chart of things you can do with them, perhaps increase the range of missile pods or make them not need line of sight. As well as a few special rules on certain units that allow them to do unique things with the markerlights.

I disagree with any of the sword options, it's just not Tau. As for a lot of the special wargear, I see that all being changed fairly drastically. I think if you're going to write a new Tau codex, you should take their current statlines, and then write some drastic changes to everything else. Otherwise, you're just upgrading your codex.
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Yes I know, i dont see what is the point of taking farsight, he seems like a good idea but it seems that the army would use too much points and wouldnt have much variety. BUT there are some people who absolutly love farsight and looking at it, crisis suits arnt that bad in cc. There definatly not the best but they can rival a low level assault team.

For the next part of a higher S auxilarry i was look and the demiurg if you think about it could be changed, if i were to change it to something more practical and fluff wise it would be like...

points ws bs s t w I a ld sv
14 --- 3 - 2 4 4 1 2 1 8 -5+ miner
24 --- 3 - 2 5 4 1 2 1 9 -5+ leader
6-14 in squad
ion rifle, 12 inch range, strength 4, ap 4, assault 2
ion drill, 12 inch range, strength 7, ap 1, heavy 1 (either this OR below, not sure which)
ion drill, 12 inch range, strength 6, ap 3, heavy 5 (total marine killer if you can get that close before dying)
leader has ion rifle and ion drill (both) which was originally intended to destroy cave walls
deep strike (from digging underground with their transport)

this gives a high strength assault unit that still utilaizes its strong ion weaponry that it is known for.

For maybe making ethereal more worth while the maybe you could like get a ... I have no idea, maybe he rides around in a hammerhead that dosent count towards your foc. Or what about like giving him some equipment that is like satellite connection or something like that that allows you to deep strike vehicles onto the battlefield. I know I would take an ethereal if I could take that instead of the honour blade or symbols of office or something.
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I'm actually not opposed to close combat weapons upgrades for Tau if they are relegated specifically to Farsight lists. Despite what the standard Tau commander would think, Farsight actually DOES encourage it, and with the amount of time he's spent separated from the Tau Empire, it makes sense that he would make his army viable in close quarters.

If Farsight is included in the army list, all Non-vehicle models gain +1 WS, +1 I, and +1 A. All XV suits may take an energy blade for +10 points that counts as a power weapon in all respects, and does not take up a hard point on the crisis suit. Alternatively, Crisis suits may take an (insert Tau thunder hammer equivalent here) for +25 points that DOES take a hardpoint slot.

Otherwise, no close combat upgrades ANYWHERE ELSE in the Tau codex since it doesn't match the war doctrine.
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thats a good idea, i like your thinking, for that BUT, I would take the thunder hammer equivalent. Were tau, were not space marines or imperial guard or eldar or any other army. Were tau. Going much further than the power weapon only in farsight lists is going a bit far away from our roots.
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I think in the new codex there should be a Mounted Railgun, about 200 points, heavy support, and you can switch it for any weapon in the Armory at no extra points cost. Kinda Like the eldar support weapon but better.
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I agree that the airbursting fragmentation launcher should be non special issue
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