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New Tau player starting with an Escalation campaign (Might need advice)
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Default New Tau player starting with an Escalation campaign (Might need advice)

So, new Tau player here, long time Space Wolf player (Since about 1992)...
Hi :-D

We're a small group (about 10) players who will be doing a small ascalation campaign where we all pick a new army and start at 500 points.
I have, obviously, picked Tau, and was wondering whether the following list makes sense or whether it would be a disgrace to the greater good:

Shas'el with Missile Pod/TL-Plasma Rifle/Multi-Tracker
6x Fire Warriors
6x Fire Warriors
6x Fire Warriors
4x Path Finders
3x Stealth Team
1x Devilfish

We have come up with our own rules such as:
Below 750 points we can use maximum one Elite and FA slot.
Below 1000 points no HS slots can be filled.
Once a unit is in the list, it stays there although loadouts and numbers may change.
Everything that gets put on the table must be painted.

I'll be facing a variety of armies but probably not other Tau, Necrons or Eldar.

For the next 250 points I'll be getting some XV8s and the following 250 points should get me some broadsides.
Does this sound sensible? I'd prefer not to use kroot or vespids and I'm not too bothered about whether the army is competition worthy as it's really just friendly games and an excuse to get together for pizza and beer...
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Firstly, hiya and welcome to the Tau

Personally I'd ditch the stealth team and perhaps a fire warrior squad (they may have amazing guns but man do they suck at shooting!!!), in order for some more crisis suits, add some to ur command squad, or to an elite choice, I'd just get as many as possible in (not looking at money being a prob here, its the reason why I have only a pitiful 2 crisis suits ). Reasoning behind this, well, stealth teams have always being more pain than gain for me, to little wounds and firepower for their points cost and not to versatile, either tank hunting or swarm hunting (again with horrible aim though ). I'm still new myself though, so if any more veteran players got any pros for the stealths?
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For Stealth Suits look at this thread

Stealth Suits?

I think it will cover basically what you're asking.

But I do agree with YruO, for this small amount of points, a Crisis will give you more 'Bang' for your buck. They're more versatile, being able to carry a wider range of weapons, more hardy, having a few more wounds, and just generally more adaptable.

Having said that, Stealth suits have their place, just check the above thread.
I would also ditch a FW squad, and chuck in a kroot squad, with hounds if possible. Again, just adds a little more versatility to your army, and for that amount of numbers you're really not losing all that much fire-power.
Originally Posted by §PEEDFRE@K
But a cheap fire-support commander can do wonders (actually much bigger wonders than a commander who has been to Pimp-my-suit and came back with all those fancy upgrades no one needs, like a sub-woofer, automatic disc ejection systems, shock compensation, in-built wide screen, DVD player...)
Originally Posted by Amaliel
well to be fair wargamer, the lasgun is less advanced then the railgun, we use lasers for our presentations and I can buy one at the corner store for $1.25
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Thanks to both of you.
I will definitely get an extra Crisis suit shortly and will probably be following a doctrine of Multiple Small Units.

I read the Stealth Suit thread before posting actually and I really like them. Competitive or not, I think they will have a place in friendly games certainly. Especially as I see myself going the way of Kauyon

Thanks again and this has definitely helped my quest for an expansion strategy.
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advice, newbie

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