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help building army
Old 24 Dec 2010, 03:02   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Cool help building army

hello im fairly new and need help assembling an army to fight nids and daemonhunters as well as necrons.

we play 1000-1200 pt armies so far i have
12 kroot
24 fire warriors
6 stealth suits
2 xv8's
1 commander HQ
2 broadsides
and a devil fish
along with aprox.
6-10 gundrones and two marker light drones
any help or ideas would be greatly apprieciated
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for nids you need as much dakka as possible. submunitions from hammerheads and missile pods from suits can chomp away the swarms of nids and broadsides and the single shot of the hammerhead can punch through the carnies and tyrants.

i havent played a demon hunter army but i would imagine it would be like fighting SM's so get the fireknife suit combo (multi tracker, plasma rifle, and missile pod) the fire warriors should be mounted in a warfish and the other squad put in cover or something, get some kroot hounds to help in CC and then outflank them. broadsides will punch through the armor of the special characters and tougher opponents, i suggest Advanced stabilization thrusters on the bsides along with shield drones

for necrons its kinda the same as fighting SM's but get as many instant death weapons as possible to avoid the WBB rule.

I forgot to add in use markerlights to increase BS and use seeker missiles against SM's to punch through their armor

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Kroot Warrior
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Thx for the advice
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Against marines and tyrannid monstrous creatures, the Ion cannon is a very effective, and grossly underestimated weapon. We Tau often take the railgun for its option of high strength, and large blast variations, but if you're building specifically for the armies you listed, an Ion cannon will work just as well as 3 broadsides, for significantly less. Consider the following:

If you take any kroots or fire warriors in significant numbers at all, you will be able to deal with the small swarming units with ease. Gaunts will be shredded in the open, and often, they will have no method of reaching any of your units without atleast exposing themselves at SOME point. In addition, vehicular secondary weapons like the smart missile system score an unbelievable number of wounds for their point cost. Grey knights have so few units that each roll you make against them makes them sweat, even if its a 2+ save, and with the exception of land raiders, pure weight of numbers will crush them. Necrons bring the marine armor, and combine it with the 4+ invul save. The single shot from a hammerhead is not reliable enough to crack the monolith, and it is largely wasted on most necron units save the ctan, whereas the Ion cannon is reliably knocking down atleast 2 necrons a turn. The blast template is relying on the opponents bad luck in rolling 1's, for significantly more points.

Granted the hammerhead railgun is more effective against things like the land raider and the monolith, but since it's so unreliable with its single shot, I will only recommend a full broadside squad for its removal. Otherwise, shoot for the 25% mark for necrons, or the exposed units already on the field for grey knights. Use the devilfish in combination with surrounding terrain to make land raiders travel around and through difficult terrain and force it to roll its dangerous terrain checks.

The solid shot railgun is 1 guaranteed wound against any tyrannid creature, marine/terminator/infantry unit in general without an invul save, and a high chance of removing a low av vehicle. The Ion cannon will buy you 2-3 wounds on the above mentioned units without armor saves for most, and is still a reliable weapon for light vehicles.
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