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Stealth Suits?
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Default Stealth Suits?

Since i cant get access to the tactica about stealth suits on the site, i was wondering what you all thought about stealth suits and how they should be (if at all) fielded on the table top
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Well you basically got three incarnations of the Stealth Suit Tactica. Number one attractive option is the Stealth Marker Team. With out getting into all the configurations of the SMT, the basic idea is a squad of three with a team leader, DC, Marker Light and two Marker Light drones. Now at 36+ inches due to the Stealth Field and the fact that you can JSJ te team is untouchable to ranged fire. So this adds a little survivabilty to your marker lights but is WAY costly for such and in general it's better spent on pathfinders. Second option is the Suicide Fusion Squad to deep strike and take out enemy tanks, dreds, etc. Once again thats a lot of points to throw away plus it's a slot that could be used for more crisis suits. Three is a standard load out with BC's, the spray and pray formation. Once again I council against the wisdom of relying on weapons the put you in viable assault range of a number of different units.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Steaths and the idea behind them but they just don't match the usefulness of the other key units that make it worth thier point cost.

I should change my name to Number 1. Not because I'm conceited but because thats what I always roll at inopportune moments.

Link to my Terrain Table Article http://tauonline.org/?content=browse...ry&article=619
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Andy covered all the basic insights to stealth suits (great now we have andy, anti and arti lol) but one thing they do add is variation and flexibility. While building the rest of my force I wound up with 15 stealth suits but have never fielded more than 6. I personally like to basically put them on the side of the table when setting up right next to my crisis suits to make my opponents wonder just what the heck I'm going to field in response to their force.

I have used the deepstrike option to great success even though there were no survivors and have frustrated the heck out of an opponent in a different match with the mobile marker lights which were very expensive but then until this week I have been critically short on pathfinders (personally still feel short on pathfinders but...)
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The only way i field stealth suits is as a horde killer unit 3-6 suits all taking two gun drones at a minimum thats 15 5 str 5 ap shots at a maximum 30 5 5 shots and a pile of throw away wounds you can spice your leader up with a target lock or whatever you like infiltrate this in cover about 18-30 or so inches from your enemies front line depending on whether their going first or not and just keep blasting away if your willing to spend the points on some marker drones for this or can support it with markers from pathfinders/skyrays then this is one of the best Anti-horde options available to the tau.

At BS 5 18 5 5 shots AND 12 drones will DECIMATE even the largest ork/tyranid horde and is available to you from turn 1 EVERY time and it works at the same cost of firewarriors 10 points per shot your just swapping scoring ability for a stealth field the ability to infiltrate/deepstrike and a massive boost in maneuverability and survivability.

So it's far more cost effective than firewarriors the only problem with this is that it competes with crisis suits and lets face it their just freaking awesome at everything

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That is another approach anti I had not considered, I may have to steal that idea my next horde fight it would throw a welcome wrench/variation at my local opponents. Well welcome for me that is...
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Kroot Warrior
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With heavy fire power blast cannons they pack a punch. So if the right mission infiltrate and shoot from behind.
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Well i finally have something to do with all those extra guns drones and gun drone parts I had sitting around, set aside my deep strike squad of six stealth suits and picked out a squad of six with burst cannons and their dozen gun drones for anti horde combat. Okay there are only a couple horde type players in my area but it is still something fun to do with them all and will look bad @#*.
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I have found Stealth Suits of limited use, depending upon who you're facing and whether your opponent has encountered them before.

When I first starting to field a Stealth unit, my opponent didn't tend to worry about them, due to the fact they only have burst cannons.
That changed once they realized that they are quite a decent field clean-up crew, and once my opponents realized how hard they were to hit, Especially if night-fighting is in effect, They became a priority target, even over my other crisis suits.

It may just be the way I play them, but I use them to pick off single units, such as commanders, under a sheer weight of shots. And also for mop up, after my larger Fire-Warrior units shoot them to pieces.

Basically I use a 4-man squad as an nuisance unit, and an execution squad for anything dumb enough to wander too far from their man force.

Having said that, once your opponent has decided to get rid of them, they don't last much longer.....
Originally Posted by §PEEDFRE@K
But a cheap fire-support commander can do wonders (actually much bigger wonders than a commander who has been to Pimp-my-suit and came back with all those fancy upgrades no one needs, like a sub-woofer, automatic disc ejection systems, shock compensation, in-built wide screen, DVD player...)
Originally Posted by Amaliel
well to be fair wargamer, the lasgun is less advanced then the railgun, we use lasers for our presentations and I can buy one at the corner store for $1.25
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