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Tau naming conventions
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Default Tau naming conventions

Hey guys I'm trying to work on some stuff with my force list but am hitting a brick wall on one thing, naming. I have looked but been unable to find what I need. Where would be good to find naming conventions and such for Tau units/commanders and such? Maybe just a basic dictionary type thing.
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hey arti mate what have you done? Then some names might come to us/ you.
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Theres a small amount in the codex for this for example page 21 and 22.

for example using what little is on those pages you could name a commander like mine

Full name
Shas'O 'Sa'cea Kais Renmei

Firewarrior Commander from the Sa'cea sept the skillful Renmei

though i just call her Shas'o Renmei or just Renmei

Shas means of the firewarrior caste thats should always be there next is the sept hers is Sa'cea though my army is formed from a lot of different septs Kais means skillfull and Renmei is her actual name.

and yes my main commander is a girl and her idol is shadowsun and she is a loyalist to the end death to farsight ^_^

as for the rest of your army your names should always begin with Shas then rank on page 21 then sept page 18 and 19 or just make one up then names earned some examples on page 21 might be able to google more or get them on games workshop then actual name/nickname if you want one for the "skill" earned nicknames you'll probably have to make them up.

For example ahhh Su'la which will mean ahhh inspiring for examples sake slot that into the appropriate space and we have the skillful and inspiring Renmei .......Easy

Lets try another for procedure lets say her first bodyguards

First caste






Skills/nicknames earned

Lets make one up lets take inspiration from Stargate To'Kra we'll say it means Dependable or reliable in this context

Actual Name

Lets take inspiration from Anime lets say Akira take off the A put a ' in there

and we get Ki'ra

so we get

Shas'Vre Vior'La To'kra Ki'Ra


Firewarrior Hero from the Vior'la Sept the Dependable Ki'Ra

see easy peasy no probs now you try one ^_^

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How about this?
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In the first codex for the Tau there was a section made out for naming and things, i know GW did an article about naming schemes for the Tau in an article and I believe there is an article on this site about suit naming.
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