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Thinking of Kroot
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Default Thinking of Kroot

I mentioned it in another thread earlier on but thought I would get some additional input from folks on what I considered a fun thought and have begun building towards. Fielding a force with the minimum Tau, say my Shas'O and a squad of fire warriors then filling out the other 5 troop slots with 20 model squads of kroot. It would put 100 kroot on the table for 700pts. You could even up the anti by adding in the kroot hounds to each squad with the krotox riders for "heavy support"... All total in 5 squads you could mob out 175 models just in the kroot alone of course to max out the kroot alone with no shapers would be around 1600 points. Tactically maybe/maybe not combat viable but could be hella fun. Thoughts.

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Someone else beat you to it theres a list for exactly this pretty much on the army list thread it's not viable
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I would highly reccomend you try in on vassel. The biggest problem with a horde of this size is moving them. At least with vassel you can move a squad simultaneously. It might be fun once but it will probably loose it's attraction after that.

I should change my name to Number 1. Not because I'm conceited but because thats what I always roll at inopportune moments.

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I think...if you want to mob the enmky with endless numbers of things that don't mind getting shot at...get orks
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Anti, thanks I must have missed it.

AndyinUT, what is vassel?

Greatshaper2, I was thinking of an unconventional counter to orks or massed IG.

The more I have looked at it though the more I realized they would really need more and more support to be viable/survivable. The original thought was still fun though and I do enjoy the look on an opponents face when I put the big squad of 20 kroot on the table with their hounds.

Thanks for the help/thoughts gang.
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