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Kroot Warrior
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Default Vespids

Im thinking of getting the box set of 6 vespids for my upcoming Tau army. Should i get it? Yay or Nay, and why?
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Kroot Warrior
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i just don't see them as useful for the points cost, you could compare them to an assault marine squad.. but their just so... its a slightly good gun for popping MEQs, but honestly they are made to be an assult unit, they have strong initative, but are piss weak, have next to no armor, and most of all with a unit of 6 on the assult you still ONLY get 12 hits, in my opinion, not worth the points or your cash
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2nded, not worth the points or cash. Broadsides, Piranha's, Crisis, or Pathfinders are money well spent.

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Gotta be the voice of contention gentlemen, I have 2 squads of vespids in case I am facing space marines (15 vespid total (picked up a couple on ebay) but am looking to fill both squads out to full size). Their ability to swing around on a flank and take out space marines has crushed a flank and turned a battle more than once in my local fights. If nothing else if you have the funds I would say get them just so you have them available should you choose to play/field them. If you wanna get a feel for them get a friend to let you proxy fight some vespid in your force using another unit/model to represent them while you see what you think of them.

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I also support Arti on this if used properly a vespid squad is devastation for space marines be sure to use their skilled flyers ability to GET them a cover save as you move up to target

use your broadsides to pop a space marine transport then unleash them move to within 6 and use your ASSAULT weapons to wipe a few space marines then assault using fleet of wing to get 12-20 attacks if done with the support of markers this will wipe most space marine units without a single casualty

then if you can move something to cover them like a hammerhead or if your a little more experienced/clever or all out of hammerheads or anything more solid purposely arrange it so one or two space marines survive to cover the vespid in CC you may take one or two casualties but it's better than being shot to hell out in the open.

but having said all that i only really support vespid against space marines against most other things their overkill so not really a tournament unit in my opinion unless you live in a space marine saturated environment with the odd necron army.
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Which boringly unfortunately I am folks. My area has 2 Eldar (1 of which also does dark eldar and IG), 2 who play orks, 1 chaos/CSM style players, 1 ultra marine, 4 space wolves (1 also occasionally plays chaos marines while another has and sometimes plays a Tau force), 1 of the SM in the black color pattern (who also does necrons), a blood angel player and a couple SM marine players still working on money for their own full armies who borrow whatever guys will let them play though one I believe is trying for salamanders. You know looking at it having written it down it is a rather large group...thats also not counting my wife who plays eldar...hmm.
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