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Tau suit upgrades
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Tau suit upgrades

can someone please tell me the difference between the XV81, XV84 and XV89 suits please.
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Theres not an awful lot but here goes first off i'm almost certain their apocalypse only and that only shas'o or shas'els can have them.

First is the XV81

This model must choose two hardpoint weapon options of your choice and the third hard point is a quite cool shoulder mounted smart missile system which costs 20 points


This model comes equipped with a markerlight and target lock in that scorpion type thing for +15 points while still having three hardpoints you can equip at your choice


Basically this comes with irridium armour 2+ armour save second movement becomes D6 instead of 6 +25 points but still has three hardpoints to do with as you please
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Okay I like the 84 series, it can come on out in the new codex so I can field it, that would be nice...
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Yeah unless theres some kind of advanced multitracker i don't really see the point of the XV81 unless you can have a twin linked weapon in the other two slots which i assume you can then it's ok twin linked missile pods or burst cannons would go well with the SMS.

The XV89 though much more expensive can be useful and i can see the point of it as a heavy duty unit especially in an APOC scale game

The XV84 really stands out as it adds to what the suits do best being a utility unit and its a really easy way to add markerlights to a tau army which currently only has pathfinders as a viable option since snipers only get one and skyrays aren't that great but i can see a problem in that using the markers kinda wastes their firepower if they were networked markerlights they would be AWESOME.

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Kroot Warrior
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Marker Lights on suits is an amazing addition.
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