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BASIC snow effect guide
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Default BASIC snow effect guide

After a lot of interest in Nobles snow cadre i decided to put up this basic guide that will illustrate the basic idea of creating a "snow" effect on your models i don't claim to be or pretend to be an expert so feel free to offer tips suggestions or add a better guide.

First grab a model this guy was my very first tau and i made a mess of him and mainly use him for experiments at the moment...like this one ^_^

Then some glue then some modeling snow you can get it anywhere you get any base modeling supplies you can also use like noble did baking soda maybe flour or any other suitable stuff.

Next just pile on some glue onto that base feel free to dab some on his legs etc but be sure not to use any corrosive type glues as it will wreck the paint job.

Then be just as liberal with the the "snow" pour it on give it a minute to dry then blow off lose excess.

You can just leave it like that if you want but if you have an accurate glue applicator or wrecked brush your willing to sacrifice you can gently add glue to any area of the model that you think snow would accumulate or collect paint or apply the glue in small amounts to these spots.

Then grab a pinch of snow and loosely drop it over the model alternatively you can just dip the model into the snow.

and a simple turn around video


i hope you enjoyed this tutorial questions comments and extra tips welcomed
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Looks good! Never actually got a chance to use the modeling snow. Looks like it works well.

I used glue and Baking soda to make the snow effects in the Winter Cadre. Here is a tutorial from HO that is similar to what I did- a bit different but the idea is the same. I added a touch of ice blue to keep the snow looking purer as slight miscalculations with the baking soda or glue can cause a pale, yellowish look. This is great for making realistic looking drifts!


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