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Markerlighter on Stealth Team
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Default Markerlighter on Stealth Team

I searched this, and found no topics. Do any of you recommend using the Markerlighter on a Stealth Team Leader? You're up close already, and can move anyway thanks to the Assault phase move so you don't have to stay stationary.

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Default Re: Markerlighter on Stealth Team

I'm new to stealth but I'm certainly going to try this. The range for ML is 36"? That is enough distance to marker light without getting shot back at, and still have time to jsj after a couple of turns waiting for them to approach my Stealth teams.

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Old 28 Jul 2005, 17:20   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: Markerlighter on Stealth Team

The only problems are that the team has to not move in the turn it markerlights and the optimum range of the ml is 18 inches more than the burst cannons that come with the 100+ point squad.

If you can find a good tactic for them, please share Its appealing to have a unit that is over 90% invulnerable to direct fire.
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Default Re: Markerlighter on Stealth Team

I am not a big fan of adding markerlights to the stealth team leader, however it isn't such a huge points sink. The setup costs at least 15pts (shas'ui team leader+markerlight) and then most likely more points for a hard wired target lock. Thats a fair bundle for a BS3 markerlight IMO.

The target lock isn't vital, but remember if you don't have it the whole squad must fire at the same unit, so markerlighting big tanks for your railguns would waste all that lovely burst cannon fire.

I like markerlights, don't get me wrong! But I keep them on my pathfinders - I am a firm beleiver in each unit and weapon to a dedicated and specific role - used correctly and at the same time resulting in deadly efficiency on the battlefield. Therefore I don't really see that the stealth team can go on filling the role it is best for and markerlight effectivly no the battlefield as well.

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Default Re: Markerlighter on Stealth Team

you could give him a HW target lock( i think its allwed) and he can target a seperate unit.

I am not a fan of stealth based marlerlighting though.
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Default Re: Markerlighter on Stealth Team

but '36 inches is the range of lucky night fight rollers,....las/plaz ik boom.

But the MLed stealth team leader IS a good idea thought. Immediate S8 fire support....

So: ML, seeker.
SJ towards enemy/cover.
EnemyZs' option are: ignore, shoot, send jet-packed phycos after you.
now: you can JSJ, ML the incmoign guys, (only if worht it-10 points seeker is worht a 35 point assult marine.. but not an ork.
Considerign the usualy tactics for stealths this is a great way to drop marines/huge vehciles that attemt to crsuh our zany near-invisibel friends...Instead of two turns of JSJ, then teh dreaded Assult, you get 2 turns of SJ with at least 1 more marien casulaty. (S8 IKmarien thank the emporer...to then you get cauhgt in assult. but, you ahev abetter cahne of winnig t.....

Seekers; hits +2 1/6 fail. wounds on as +2. 1/6th fail. IK+AP3....1/3 seekers fail...2/3 will kill a marine (statisicaly.)...
18 s5 ap5
T4 +3 saves....
2-3 wounds/dead marine.
10 marine squad:-2 per BC fire, -2/3 for seekers...
7.33333 marien squad: -2 BC -2/3 seekers.
4.33333 marines squad assultyou, you strike first.

Alot more even odds than 6 marines assulting you 6 stealths...bring along some drones for extra hits and I4 stike simulatneusly iin turn two of Cc.

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Default Re: Markerlighter on Stealth Team

Please can you shape up that post squirrel lord! You make some good points, but they are just hard to read!

I can see that the markerlight would go to some use on the stealth team leader, lets not deny that - however in my opinion the points for that could just go on buying some more gear for your pathfinders to make them more effective at what they do already and enhcance their battlefield role.

On the idea of adding in a couple of gun drones to the stealth team...I like it if I had the points! Two, BS3.5 (I think!) shots that could possibly pin...hmm, it is tempting seeing as they can integrate nicely with the stealth team themselves (i.e with jetpacks and stealth ability). The only problem is that the squad size then becomes 8 (presuming we have a full team), and majority toughness and armour save goes to the stealths, so we have to kill these first. Furthermore the stealth team will drop below 50% (therefore not a scoring unit) at 3 models as opposed to 2 models without the drones - thin pickings, although sometimes that one scoring unit can make all the difference, especially a stealth team that you would bank on to be taking objectives/holding table corners etc.

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Default Re: Markerlighter on Stealth Team

The only major benefit of markerlight on a stealth team is that you can infiltrate them, and take a first-round potshot at their big guns. Range on this is tricky, though. The other benefit is attracting attention: if you flank with stealths and their tanks roll toward you, a markerlight hit will most likely send a seeker toward the back of their tank, although I find this usually works better the opposite way around.

The other time markerlights work well on Stealth teams is when you 18" range leads you without targets late game. With Stealth armor and long-range weapon, the team can hold a table quarter and still contribute after they've killed everything around them.

If you don't take any pathfinders, markerlights on fire warriors and stealth teams are invaluable, because you never know when you'll need to take out some bozos hiding in cover, or help a Crisis team stop shooting itself in the foot (by the way I love rolling 2 threes and a one with a helios suit. Grr!).

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Default Re: Markerlighter on Stealth Team

No. Never. Stealth teams should be moving up and down and around, not sitting in one spot, period. While taking a markerlight on your leader has some benefits, you will find these are outweighed by the drastic reduction in movement.
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Default Re: Markerlighter on Stealth Team

i take them for those times when i CANT move 6" and engage anyone.. i can still Markerlight something usefull, then still do my Jetpack move in the assault phase to remain flexible and in good position for NEXT turn....

i mean why NOT mount a Markerlight on a Stealth? wouldnt YOU like a Markerlight that can shoot and still move at infantry speeds?
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