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Think i got something important to talk about again? :D
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Default Think i got something important to talk about again? :D

Hi everyone i recently have been doing 2,000 point games and struggled with the obvious 'staying with the unit limitation' basicaly the maximum of say heavy support
i LOVE broadside battlesuits hell two broadsides killed 8 ork nobz with power klawz on monday dunno how lol
anyways here is what i got
2 un-weaponized crisis suits
My Shas'O with twinlinked flamer and fusion blaster, Iridium armor, and a shield generator
i have sixty fire warriors now, i made a pulse carbine squad.
two hammerheads with rail guns, Dis pods, and T-arrays
Strain leader and five Stingwings
A shaper, One hound, And atm ten carnivores made
Three broadside battlesuits, and a shizzle load of gun drones [8/9]
Any ideas? im doing apocalypse on this coming monday
Cheers thanks and please comment my 'P.S' bit

P.S think a ripper would be a epic pet? 'charlie the ripper' i'd love one that screeched 'SKREE' every day
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