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1,500 point game [first one kinda new at this]
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Default 1,500 point game [first one kinda new at this]

Hi everyone this is one of my first fifteen hundred games i done i usually do kill-team's and 1,000 games .
I got curious as i made my 1,500 point army and am piled with a dilemma, i have assigned three broadsides, two hammerhead gunship's, thirty six fire warriors two battle-suits with twin linked Equipment, Pathfinders, And Vespid sting-wings, Should i remove one of my gunships for Ol'Farsight?
Just i know of all his unique 'cheese' he give's to fire-warriors and the fact i wont be allowed any Vespid any-more, just i was thinking is it worth having a lone battle-suit OR a hammer-head with a rail gun and gun-drones/Smart-missile system im still figuring out what sort of tau force i like to use so far i have enjoyed thoroughly the pathfinder's and XV88's for obvious reason's well looking forward to every-ones 'help' and etc. have fun everyone.
And Ps if anyone like's this tell me lol my Latest XV8 i made with fusion blaster flamer and Farsights weapon mostly for looks lol its juts a battlesuit basic but i love it xD

PSS: Is it bad that if tyranid's existed that i think that a ripper would make an ideal pet? lol.
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Farsights an awesome guy and you won't be losing out much for having him but i don't think his worth it and he goes against the way you should be playing tau especially since you can't have kroot or vespid all of a sudden just think of what you could have instead of him an entire squad of vespid a team of fireknives or as you mention a hammerhead all of which would be far more useful than a guy you'll struggle to protect/support and one lucky lascannon hit and his dust.

the general consensus i hear is that all the tau special characters are not worth it.

i mean everyone fantasizes about charging and killing an entire team of terminators with him or slicing a landraider in half but in truth generally speaking his going to be a priority target and unless you give him a large retinue of bodyguards who aren't worth the extra 10 points and aren't going to offer much in close combat with him his going to be toast before he gets the chance.

if your going to use him though i recommend deep striking him with a couple of bodyguards with fusion canons maybe and go tank hunting or something.
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hy i can second that special character are not worth the trouble although aun'va is ish useful in my opinion but only realy because of him being a ethereal although that has it's drawbacks like u have 2 take a ld test if he dies. although shadow sun is useful.
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The best Special character is shadowsun her only real failing is having a "stealth" suit which is pointless since she uses fusion blasters and only serves to make her more expensive her command and control node effectively makes her as good as an ethereal since she has 10 leadership and i much prefer within 18 inches rather than line of sight she has two fusion blasters which she can fire at two separate targets at BS 5

so if you play a gunline and keep her in the center attached to an elite squad of XV88's she's golden and quite good on the counterattack though i'm unsure of the rules if she's attached to another unit regarding her stealth field i.e does it extend to the others in the group does she lose it effectively if she's part of a group

edit yeah it seems she would lose it like that but this has given me an idea.

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