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building my force
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Default building my force

I looked and could not find a common place to post such things so, as I see several have done, I thought I'd start this up and see if I can get some feed back on what the more experienced Tau players, or Tau opponents, might think or suggest to better my force as I build it.

-Commander: Shas'o:
Airbursting Fragmentation Projectile, Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator, Iridium armor, Stimulant Injector, Hard-wired Multi-tracker, and Hard-wired Drone Controller
Point cost: 170 (not including drones if any)

Plasma Rifle, Missile pod, Shield generator, Hard-wired Multi-tracker
Point cost: 92

-Fire Warriors (11 Shas'la, 1 Shas'ui):
Pulse Rifles, Bonding Knife, Markerlight, and Hard-wired Drone Controller (just because it is free and in case feel need to drop troops and add drones).
Point Cost: 145
(Was thinking of dividing this into two squads of 6, both with a Shas'ui, and adding gun drones to each to bring them to 8 models per squad. Thoughts/pros/cons please.)

-Kroot (20):
Standard Kroot
Point cost: 140

Any thoughts, suggestions, advice welcome. I also have 8 more kroot (unbuilt still on spruce), a devilfish I am working on, a second devilfish I am painting, 3 stealth suits (built but not even primed), and I bought a Sky Ray that has not even been opened yet so I have some flex space. Thanks all.
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Default Re: building my force

Okay sorry all but I've been doing some more reading and am confused on something, path finder teams. Though path finders are required to start with a devilfish transport does it need to stay with them or can I say, field one with the pathfinders, leave them in a good cover/markerlight friendly position and move the devilfish out to somewhere else with say a couple seeker missiles mounted to it?
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Default Re: building my force

I'm sure there will be plenty of disagreement with what I say here, especially from some of the more experienced Tau players. You guys, please correct my mistakes/improper logic.

Sorry I can't give you points differences, I don't have my codex handy.

Make the Shas'O a Shas'El. Lose the Iridium armor and shield generator. Use a shield drone or two instead. The AirFrag can be nice but personally I always choke on the idea of drift. Otherwise it looks okay.

The plasma rifle/Missile pod combo doesn't really make much sense, at least in my mind. If you're close enough to use the rifle, you're wasting the range capability of the missile pod. And if you're far enough away to make the missile pod range work for you, you can't effectively use the plasma rifle. I'd go with either a TL missile pod or a burst cannon/plasma rifle w/multi-tracker. Weapon loadouts has been the topic of much discussion on this forum, so take what I've said here with a grain of salt.

The six fire warrior/two gun drone combo could work if you can keep them from dying...but that could be a challenge.

I hate kroot...but I am very much in the minority there so I can't say too much useful about them.

Out of time at lunch. Good luck!
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Default Re: building my force

In answer to your fish question, yes you can drop off the pathfinders then shoot off else where. its a good way to save points in the FOC.

1) i agree that shield drones are better than shield gens, they are essentially extra wounds or for stopping high str weapons nailing you in one go. dropping the gen and irridium would cover their cost.

2) Depending on points level, dropping your 'O to an 'El is a viable option.

3) I'd switch the Air frag with the cyclic ion blaster, rending on 6's and better rate of fire but thats me.

4) I can see what XV84 means by the varied set up of the crisis' weapons but i'd say in a small list it gives you options for his role. i would however also consider what VX84 is getting at. For just about the same cost as your crisis you could get 2 with TL Missile pods/multitracker so thats certainly something to think about.

5) i personally never split my FW's down to 6 a squad. Not enough power in small numbers in my experiance.

6) 20 kroot in such a small army will prove vital, never underestimate 20 str4 ap5 shots or 40 if in rapid fire range. until you get more FW's, you need them badly.

7) For me make sure that skyray box becomes a hammerhead and get those stealth suits up and running.

Oh, and welcome to the forum if nobodies done it yet
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Default Re: building my force

I just thought that I would share my 600 point list here

XV8 Commander
Shas'el Pr/Fb 117pts

XV8 Crisis Team x2
Shas'ui Tl-Mp/F 94pts

Fire Warriorsx9 105pts

Fire Warriorsx9 105pts

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I hate kroot (vespids are a little better) especially in small armies. Fire warriors I find more reliable.

Too many points in commander imo.
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