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Vespids, why?
Old 19 Aug 2010, 01:21   #1 (permalink)
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Default Vespids, why?

I am trying to fill out a force orginization chart, and the last thing I need is my Fast Attack. I know ive got options, and I've already taken a Team of Pathfinders, and am planning to get several Piranas. That leaves one slot, so should I get Vespid? Are they worth it? I know when compaired to the other fast attack choices they dont measure up, but that aside, should I get them?
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Default Re: Vespids, why?

umm, maybe another pathfinder squad??
That's pretty much the best fast attack tau unit.
Or split piranhas into a second squad.
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Default Re: Vespids, why?

Vespids are fast, mobile, marine killers (ap3 guns)
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Default Re: Vespids, why?

I really like Vespids their high initiative and AP3 guns make them great for taking out space marines or flanking/intercepting i'd use them

fly them up pop a transport with a broadside get a couple of markerlights on those marines annihilate them with the vespid and assault to finish if necessary with higher init you shouldn't take any causalities or not if the position is too exposed fairly crummy Armour on the vespid unless you can roll up some cover like a hammerhead.

The thing about the vespid is they really need to be supported so some people consider them useless but have an army that can do so and they'll really stand out for you.....at least against MEQS.
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Default Re: Vespids, why?

So I should use them in certain situations, but hold a replacement for others... Ok.
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I keep vespids only to use against marines - they're not good at much else.

Pathfinders are probably best but if the transport get too expensive go for a few piranhas.
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