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Tau Novels
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Tau Novels

So, I've read storm of iron, a book about CSM, IG, and SM. But I'm looking for a 40k novel about Tau. Does anyone know of any?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Tau Novels

I have read a number of different 40K books and I haven't seen one targeted for Tau yet. But there might be one out there.
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Default Re: Tau Novels

There was one book a number of years back called "Fire Warrior". Based on the fire warrior video game that came out for play station at the time. Check Amazon.

Mostly there are only Tau cameo's as convenient things to be sliced and diced. Funny one, in the last Ultramarine "Ventris" novel, one of his marines simply body checked a crisis suit and crumpled it into nothing. :sadnshocked:

Marines don't even need guns to kill Tau. lol

There is a book coming up shortly from black library. This is short stories based around aliens, probably just getting killed. http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-prod...the-Alien.html There it is, Tau is mentioned.

That is about it.

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Default Re: Tau Novels

I just finished Fire Warrior yesterday, it was pretty good. Although a lot of the Tau fluff was... disconcerning, it was good in the action parts. Ive heard the video game was based off the book, and the book was based off the game, so I'm not sure what to believe.

I got it from amazon for like, 5c
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Default Re: Tau Novels

If the black library does a tau novel I want to see ol commander Far site. In the present. I thinking Graham McNeil should get to write that book. Graham could do a great look at a fallen son of the empire, Graham gave us the infection of the primarch Horus. And the day of judgement of Magnes the red.

I think black library can give us at least 3 good story lines for Tau. 1.commander farsite,(present, or his fall from grace at Arthas Molock).
2.Damocles Gulf Crusade.
3.The founding of the Empire. (Their first steps to colonise Tau'n campaign were threatened by a Orc Whaag
I just thought of one more but my battery is about to die. What tau stories do you want to see?
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Default Re: Tau Novels

A more in-depth story of the Mont'au times and the coming of the Auns.
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