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Personal fluff for cadres
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Default Personal fluff for cadres

On another thread about personalizing your Tau cadre, one person mentioned developing your own fluff for your cadre. I thought this would be interesting to hear other people's cadre fluff.

Here is mine:

After a number of defeats at the hands of Ultramarine incursions onto a recently acquired agro planet, The regional Aun governor dismissed his Shas advisors. He kept noticing in reports that a young Shas'el's name kept reappearing. First as conducting a fantastically successful mechanized raid that secured the largest spaceport, then as being repremanded for participating in a brawl between Shas and por at a local enlisted hangout. Another report has him drunk during a battle, yet winning an outright victory in his sector with the loss of only one Firewarrior.

The Aun had this young soldier brought before him. He had never seen a shas'el with less than 20 years service, but one look told him this was a fighting man. He appointed him on the spot to the post of Shas'o for the planet's only remaining combat effective cadre, the 13th, and gave him full discretion to rid the planet of the SM raiders.

The new Shas'o was none other than the now legendary Wan'ax, known now as M'yen'shi. His first order of business was to take the 13th cadre and instill a new sense of purpose. He ordered all armor painted blood red to represent the willingness to sacrifice the blood of the enemies for the greater good. Next he renamed the cadre the Shas'por as a direct insulting afront to those former superiors who had tried to brand him a drunkard and thus hold him back. He ordered all sept badges changed, just to drive home his inslut, to a martini glass rather than the ordinary sept world from which the 13th originated.

Many eyes were set upon him, his cadre, and they were wary that perhaps another o'shovah was in the making. But M'yen'shi remained loyal. He culled the remants of the 324th and 124th cadres bringing many Shas'el and Shas'ui into his ranks. His cadre was now inspired, and set out blood.

In a series of quick raids and skillful use of the Kauyon, the Shas'por irradicated the thread of the Ultramarines from the agro world. The rank of Shas'o was confirmed upon M'yen'shi and his Shas'por has now joined the ranks of the leading elements of the insurers of the Greater Good.

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