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Tau Army List Help
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Default Tau Army List Help

Could someone please help me? I plan on starting tau around christmas this year, and I would like to know the CHEAPEST POSSIBLE and MINIMUM required to play a small 500 point game with Tau. I'm new to warhammer 40k, I already have started space marines but plan on just building small armies; I will collect Tau and Space Marines only. So this would definitely help me if you guys knew the cheapest way! 0
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Default Re: Tau Army List Help

That would be the Battleforce.

You have in it
1 HQ - Your XV8 Crisis Suit, tool him up with Plasma Rifle and Fusion Blaster/Missile Pod to take out Marines
1 Elite - Stealth Suits. Great for deepstriking behind the enemy, end peppering their rears with Pulse fire
2 Troops - Kroot, and Fire Warriors. Kroot are great for Counter-Assault, which your Fire Warriors want to stay away from, whilst you fire Warriors can bring the rain from turn 1 with their bodatiously awesome basic gun
1 Fast Attack - Yu can easily model some Fire Warriors as Pathfinders, which will give you much needed Markerlight Support. A bit of a conversion job, but extremely worth it.

Haven't got my codex handy, so I can't write up a list at this moment. possibly later, or maybe tomorrow at the earliest :-\

hope i helped
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Default Re: Tau Army List Help

Thanks for your help! : But are you positive this is the absolute cheapest? I'm not exactly sure on that part, but excellent idea; It was in my thoughts to buy a battleforce. But, (off-topic starts now) I started with space marines and didn't have a battleforce, I bought a set of 3 space marines and a combat squad. What else do need for space marines before I start Tau? (off-topic ends now) Thanks in advance for your help.
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