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Rail Rifle points cost question, and uses.
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Default Rail Rifle points cost question, and uses.

7 points each, or 7 points for all railrifles?

So a squad of 8 pathfinders with 3 fully upgraded railrifle users would cost... A lot!

Does anyone use RR pathfinders like this? Does it work? If not, what do you use them for? It seems like the target lock is required... if you are markerlighting a squad 4 or 5 times, odds are you are going to fire at it with with other squads.

Well, I found the answer(7 points each, says mech tau tactica), and I'm sure there are other threads discussing the use of rail-rifles. Mods, lock or delete this thread as you will.
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Default Re: Rail Rifle points cost question, and uses.

I find pathfinders overpriced for what they do in general, and railrifles only make them more expensive, while confusing their battlefield role to make them less efficient. Add target lock to increase efficiency, and they're even more expensive whith the added bonus they can kill themselves!

At this point, unfortunately, I just pass on railrifles. The weapon itself fills a gap in the Tau list (man-portable marine killing weapon), but isn't worth taking in it's current rules-form.
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Default Re: Rail Rifle points cost question, and uses.

i dont use them i find them far to expensive

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Default Re: Rail Rifle points cost question, and uses.

I put 2 in a full squad, giving me 6 ML's and 2 RR's. I do this mostly to make sure that my Pathfinders stay combat-effective if there aren't any other weapons that can be diirected by the ML's and/or when I run out of Seekers; they are also effective to harrass the enemy with. 2 RR's, because half hit (1) and for their intended target (power armor) it's likely to knock one down. RR's are expensive, and unfortunately, their negatives mostly outweigh their positives. They aren't like a normal sniper weapon where we can stick a bunch in a squad and snipe the crap out of stuff, but the difference is that they are way more powerful, and you're as likely to kill with 3 RR as you are with a squad of snipers shooting at Marines, granted though, they aren't half as handy because they aren't practical against puds and they can't be aimed at individual models. I still think we should be able to take more though, because as was said earlier, it fills a critical AP3 slot in the Tau army. Considering the already-high expense of Pathfinders though, they are extremely expensive; there has been more than one time I've thought of eliminating the RR's from my list.
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Default Re: Rail Rifle points cost question, and uses.

Rail Rifle Topics (take your pick):


See if you can find any uses within those 5 topics for starters, then Search for "Rail Rifles" for another dozen or so and you'll find out all you need to know about Rail Rifles. Well actually you only need to view one, because they are all practically the same...
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