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Blood Angels
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Default Blood Angels

Recently I had a tournament and well, Blood Angel's.

it was an objective game with 5 objective's and he had the redeemer of the lost, a librarian, 3 assault squads 2 scout squads and 2 predators and a devastator squad with a razorback.

So I will be going up against blood angels again and need help on dealing with him

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Default Re: Blood Angeles

I'll be entirely honest with you. There's almost no reason that Tau should beat blood angels currently. I'm sorry to say but this is a fact. The Blood Angels are faster than Tau. With their ability to take jump infantry as troops, the fact that almost all of their vehicles are fast, the ones that aren't (landraiders) can deepstrike and one of their best vehicles (the Baal Predator) can outflank AND they have drop pods on top of this you will have almost no ability to out maneuver your opponent. On the subjective of overall maneuverability the Descent of Angels special rule allows them to deepstrike with little or no scatter more reliably than other armies without having to pay for Locator Beacons.

On top of this the Blood Angels are in no way hurting for shooting capabilities. The inexplicable move to put Baal Predators in the fast attack slot from the heavy support slot gives them the ability to spam vehicles that SHOULD be in heavy support. Which is ridiculous. So they can take 3 Baal preds with twinlinked assault cannons and 3 more predators or vindicators in addition to this. Any combination is bad for Tau. Also, they can put 2 or 3 melta-weapons with every assault squad. Melta weapons of course are the bane of all Tau players currently because they're the best anti-tank weapon and completely negates our disruption pods. As well, Fire Warriors w/ pulse rifles actually lose to Marines w/ bolters unless you give them markerlight support.

I dont think I've got to tell you about their assault abilities. Additionally they've got some of the best psychic powers in the game. Tau being the psychic whipping boys of 40k we're kind of shit out of luck. We've got no psychic powers, no psychic defense and nothing to show for this glaring deficiency in the codex. Ridiculously poorly planned out.

Also, the Blood Angels are generally twice as durable as regular marines against our pulse fire because of how easy it is to give them feel no pain. 3 sanguinary priests are more quite capable of covering almost an entire army in their furious charge and feel no pain radius.

So in short, they're twice as fast as regular marines, twice as durable and have twice the shooting capability and have even better psychic powers for very few points more. Ridiculous...
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Default Re: Blood Angeles

Yea, you will be extremely hard pressed to beat Blood angels. The only thing I can recommend is that you fight them in a similar manner to all space marines.

Protect your vehicles with kroot screens/walls. Kroot speedbumps of course. Protect your anti tank as long as you can. I will recommend not bringing hammerheads just because of how easy they can shake/stun/weapon destroy/wreck/destroy.

Probably your best bet is going to be little to no upgrades on everything you bring, and bring numbers. I'd recommend 2 squads of 2 broadsides, 2 squads of 2 deathrains, and lots and lots of fire warriors and kroot. If you can throw in some pathfinders, the BS increase will help but FnP is gonna heavily diminish it's effectiveness. As Jedibean said though, it's likely you aren't going to be able to win, not impossible but the odds are stacked against you heavily with there recent update.
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Default Re: Blood Angeles

As a tau player I have had many tough games against any other army but blood angles. Being a space marine army is always anoying but it seems many of the players can't stop using all the NEW expensive toys.
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Default Re: Blood Angeles

Just remember, they are not that overpowered, after all they are vulnerable to assault with power weapons!!!!

Oh, wait, we are tau....

Use your psychic abilities against them!

Oh, wait, we are tau....

Yeah, these guys are nasty. However, here are a few thoughts...

Maybe sniper drone teams. They are AP3, and cheap....you can spread them out, so hopefully he wont kill all of them at once...(as opposed to dropping next to your broadside sqaud and destroying them...).

Gun drone screens...
Instead of kroot screens which block your fire, move drones around your fragile units so he cant assault them directly. The drones can jump AFTER your other units shoot...thus not blocking your fire...

Split firebases in the back?
Maybe he will commit to only one side, and you can support with all your railguns....

Bring a 12 pack of what you both like, get sloshed, and maybe he will forget his reserves....(ok, not a good tactic....but hey).

I don't mind a bit of 'codex power creep" but have to say the BA are a bit... ridiculous. Heck, I thought my nids were bad...

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Default Re: Blood Angeles

Blood Angels make baby Farsight cry.
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Default Re: Blood Angeles

Try using Nin'ja Tau, I've had a success against blood angels while doing this. Give them nothing to kill and they can't kill anything!
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Default Re: Blood Angeles

I haven't fought against BA yet, but ninja is worth a try. It really sucks that one of the only viable ways for Tau to play against the newest codices is to only play a few turns of real game.

When I do fight them, I will stick with my current method of protected pathfinders (shield'O), vehicles getting in the way of assaults, and lots of pulse fire. If they really have ways of giving nearly everything FNP, then that strategy is screwed. The only thing I can think of to deal with that are helios crisis suits all over the place with sacrificial drone (and maybe kroot) screens to get in the way. A crapload of seeker missiles would negate FNP, but there's probably no way to get enough of them to matter. I suppose a FNP'd Blood Angel doesn't cost much more than a single shot seeker, does it?
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Default Re: Blood Angeles

5pts more I think... If you include the tank you put the seeker on... yea NM.

I never even thought how much of a problem the whole FnP thing would be.

I've said this before but Tau need a starcannon equivalent if they are expected to shoot marines to death before they hit their lines.
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Default Re: Blood Angeles

Don't forget knightperson that things like kroot screens will need to be deep to prevent your critical units from being assaulted as most BA forces you face will be packed with jump troops. This means that they can either a) simply jump over your screening unit and hit the intended target or b) just deep strike (which they do very accurately) behind your lines with several units forcing your screen to collapse.
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