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Cutting Costs in Tau lists
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Cutting Costs in Tau lists

I decided to make this list in order to share some of the cost cutting tips I have learned from other tau players and field experience. I also want to see what you all out there have found to be helpful. I find that if you are good at playing tau, then you are indeed an excellent 40k player in general (and if you can make necrons work then you deserve a medal) ;D. These are some ways that a tau player can cut costs while at the same time running an effective list:

A Shasel commander is obviously the better choice if you are trying to save points, while it is not the best in a general sense, points wise he can get the job done with pretty good stats for a suit. I wonít get into whatís the best load out as that becomes an entirely new thread.

As for your bodyguards, donít use them. They become entirely too expensive very fast with very little to show. For the 10 extra pts you spend on these guys you have nothing to show except access to more gear, and being slightly better in cc (like it really matters). Instead just take a unit of 2 crisis suits from the elite section. Yes, this does take up 2 force org slots, but this does give you more flexibility in game since your commander can now leave if he wants to. You can also choose to bring a unit of 3 crisis to attach your commander to. This means not upgrading the suits to team leader or anything since your Shasel can take care of that role.

I do believe that stealth suits are very useful, and itís a shame that they have to be so expensive, but ideally if you want to shed points while staying effective, crisis suits are a better choice.

I have found that having at least one squad that is set for a single task is a good points saver, since they will only have one TL weapon. For example: 3 crisis w/ TL flamers and blacksunfilters are 102 pts. Also 3 crisis w/ TL missile pods and targeting arrays are 159 pts. Both of these squads will do one task excellently the entire game, now you should still have another squad that is kitted out to kill whatever crosses its path, but when you are saving points you will have room for more units/models to support the army as a whole.

Hereís the tricky part, you need FW since they are mandatory, but kroot are cheaper per model. However you can make a unit of FW cheaper than a unit of kroot. Also, they both have things that you might wantÖ do I want the str 5 gun or the 3 attacks on the charge? Who is more surviveable? FW have a 4+ save, but Kroot have numbers and cool special rules. The choice is yours.

Personally I find that a squad of 10 FW in a devilfish with only a disruption pod is very cost effective and in game effective. When I want Kroot, I use squads of 14 and always outflank them. A tactic I like to use is keeping all of my troops in reserve, and giving my commander a positional relay. This way I control the amount of KP and troops I have on the board. I normally try to go second in obj games so I can steal most the obj within 12Ē of the board edges, the ones on my side are taken by devilfish, and the ones farther away are taken by kroot, who come in last after all the FW.

Fast Attack:
Unfortunately, our fast attack choices are hard to cut costs on, since they are either not useful enough to keep, or need certain upgrades to make them good enough to keep. The only two I would think about while staying frugal are the pathfinders, and the piranha.

Pathfinders are great, they are our cheapest ML in the codex, but they are very frail and die easily. A unit of 6 is the right size for effectiveness, but they will probably not last long, since they are not mobile and have the same stats as a FW only more expensive. I normally use squads of 8 since they do die a lot, at least then they need to lose 6 before they are gone for good. I also donít bring the shasui, since they are already so expensive. I would deploy them next to a strong unit, like broadsides, mentally your opponent will want the str 10 over the str 0.

Piranhas can be useful, but honestly they donít belong in a list that cuts points. But if you do want to bring them you can get them a FB and TA. Thatís all they need, and a squadron of 2 or 3 will do. Srt 5 ap 5 can be found cheaper anywhere else.

Heavy Support:
Like the majority of tau players, the only HS I bring are HHs and Broadsides. I normally field two HH in a 2k game and a unit of 3 BS. If you want to save points, then give the HHs burst cannons, they are by far more useful, with more shots, and more weapon destroyed results before wrecked. Give them only the needed upgrades: multitracker and DP. If you like to field 2 HHs then make one an Ion cannon, its helpful and saves 35 pts.

Broadsides are better spent in squads of 2 with gun drones as their hardpoint. The amount of GD you bring is up to you, since they are cheaper than shield drones you can have more, but they can die easier. But if you really think about it, about 90% of the time this unit will be in cover, so there isnít a difference between 4+ cover and 4+ invul.

Special Characters:
None of our special characters are worth their weight in points, so in a cost efficient list I wouldnít bring any of em. But if you must, then I think that shadowsun is the best in terms of point effectiveness. She is more survivable and can help other units.
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Default Re: Cutting Costs in Tau lists

Pretty good, and helpful. However, I would say that 'suits with flamers - while definitely cheap - aren't really all that useful, since they'll get shot up before they close to range (especially since there's no other unit moving with them) and run the risk of getting assaulted back. Instead, I highly recommend firestorms - against hordes, their 18" effective range will allow them to survive long enough do do a lot more damage than flamers, the math-hammer makes them edge out even the Fireknife in MEQ kills per point, and their missile pod can take out light vehicles.

Also, if you think about the Pathfinder Devilfish as an upgrade both for them and the FW squad, they suddenly look a lot cheaper, and get you a lot more pulse hits than their equivalent cost in FW's.
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Default Re: Cutting Costs in Tau lists

I disagree. IF you have hthem for alternative wea[pons, twin linked flamers would be very cost effecient for the amount of wounds it generates ;D
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Cutting Costs in Tau lists

Actually, what I tend to do when I bring TL flamer suits is deep strike them next to a troops choice on an objective and flame the mess out of them. I use them like that because they attract alot of attention and draw the enemy fire away from my other more expensive units.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Cutting Costs in Tau lists

flamer + black sun filter? at least give them target lock, and flame multiple targets.
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