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New Tau Player
Old 22 Jun 2010, 23:49   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Warrior
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Default New Tau Player

I'm starting Tau after Space Marines, and am thinking of running a mostly mech list. The people at my local store were very divided in opinions upon all things Tau, like whether Ethereals were the bomb or were a time bomb. Because it looks like I won't get any concrete advice from my store, can I get any advice about the Tau in general?
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Default Re: New Tau Player

You've come to the right place! Ask away!

As for ethereals... they are basically he worst thing you can do to your army most of the time. No armour save, low toughness, and if they die your entire army panics and runs away. Definitely not recommended.
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Default Re: New Tau Player

indeed there are many people here who are more than willing to help out. I myself have gotten some solid advice about Tau from this forum, as they were my first army.

And as stated above ethereals are pretty much worthless for the most part. There are some people that use them effectively, but i really can comment on thier tactics with them. Hopefully one will drop in to give some imput.
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Old 23 Jun 2010, 01:26   #4 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: New Tau Player

Hi there!

I was new to Tau once also, I made the mistake of buying an Ethereal and using him in the game and quickly realized my mistake. When I first started, my army was mostly fire warriors. When your ethereal dies (he most likely will since he is basically a killing blow to your army) a good chunk of your army that is not in a vehicle will turn right around, and sprint to the nearest board edge.
EDIT: The Ethereal is the PERFECT example of "Kill the head, then the body will die."

If you haven't bought anything for your new Tau army, the best thing you can do is start off with buying the codex and the Tau Battleforce. If you play a few 500pt games you'll quickly realize what units work and don't work. Next you will be able to expand your army on how you like to play.

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Default Re: New Tau Player

An XV-8 commander is pretty much required so there's no point right now for you to get an Ethereal. Their only bonus is to get a LD boost and to get a Firewarrior Honor Guard. Both of those you can do without as a beginner so just wait until you develop a strategy that does involve these as linchpins, then get an Ethereal.

So what do you have right now, and what do you hope/plan to get?
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Default Re: New Tau Player

Ethereal isn't that bad for friendly games...he also works as an excellent bait, as the enemy may try to charge him headlong, thinking he will win if the Ethereal dies (not necessarily true even if it happens).
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Kroot Warrior
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Default New Tau Player

To be honest, right now I'm trying to decide between the Se'cea sept and the Bor'ka sept.

Are Sky Rays any good? I am probably going to buy some because (I'm told that) they have the hammerhead turrets in the box as well, and are slightly cheaper, and I'm getting more.

Is there any point to landing gear? Do they let you take off the flying base or,do they only affect the vehicle ruleswise?

Why do Crisis suits (the elite ones) say in their profile that they must all take 3 battlesuit support systems or weapons, and then that you can upgrade one member to select stuff from the battlesuit armory? Isn't the armory the list of battlesuit support systems and weapons?

that's all for now. Thank you for the help!
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Default Re: New Tau Player

The skyray itself is no where near as good as a hammerhead, but the boxed set is full of win! You get a hammerhead with a free skyray turret for converting and stuff! Awesome!

Landing gear has little point rulewise or other, but it does mean your vehicle can just sit on its own and doesn't need a flying base if you don't want one.

I'm not sure why the number is 3, I guess 3 was a good number (it seems to work pretty well). Some suits can add hardwired stuff as an extra bonus... it gives Tau upgrades a purpose (since a shas'ui and a shas'vre is only different by a nearly useless weapon skill point...)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: New Tau Player

Glad to have you on board!

I'm still pretty new to the game, but I am learning my lessons pretty fast. You have to understand before hand to make sure you dont get surpized. Right now the Tau is arguably the weakest codex in the game. We are the oldest without an update and it shows. If you are wanting to play a super competitive competition list, try SM or IG.

That being said, even knowing that I am happy with my selection of Tau. They are the right army to me because of their armored, futuristic look, advanced tech, and custimization. I really like crunching the numbers and playing with the different builds and combinations.

My personally, I love Hammerheads and all their builts. Railguns are very nice. Stealth teams are nice and Crisis suits are nice. Its cool that they get such great upgrades, but keep yours eye's on the point cost. Remember, 10 points could buy you a Fire warrior, so keep that in mind when thinking about how much to spend on upgrades.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: New Tau Player

The only use I can see to landing gear is that the vehicle can hide behind a low building or other units that it would normally hover above, granting it a cover save.

As far as paint schemes and fluff, do you guys see much of se'cea or Bor'ka, or do most players stick to the standard tan?

Are there any units that look good on paper but bomb in the game? I heard that vespids stink but they have a great anti-meq weapon, even if they'd stink in close combat.

Thanks for the hints on points costs, Valadon. But just so you know Tau is by far not the oldest codex or weakest one, in my opinion. Dark Eldar have not been updated since 2nd or 3rd ed., I cannot remember which. Witch hunters/Demon hunters and Necrons are both w/o updates, and it could be argued that Dark Eldar or Necrons are much worse than Tau due to codex creep, or whatever you want to call it.
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