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Issues/help about my Commander fluff.
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Default Issues/help about my Commander fluff.

Hi guys, this is my first thread and I'm not going straight ahead, as I want to make sure you understand my questions (I'm not calling you dumb, as you're not, I just want to be sure )

Well, to understand my issue clearly, I think it's good to start from the beginning, and so I do :

My Commanders name is Shas'o ksi'm'yen bentu kais ray. (It means that he's the highest ranked in the fire caste from the third phase ksi'm'yen, and his name means "Wise, skillfulled walker") Now since I'm going to make him a "walker" I need a good reason for him to abandon his homeplanet. And if I have understand this correctly, Ksi'm'yen lacked defensive power, as it was fighting unknown forces, and so second phase Tau settled down on ksi'm'yen. (Please correct me if I'm wrong on this one.) And so I thought that Ke'lshan settled down on ksi'm'yen and affected and gained political power. As I have read in the codex these Tau are sometimes open hostile to alien races, and my army is going to be full of kroots and vespids, so my commander would not share this opinions, and feel that he didn't fit in in ksi'm'yen, so that he'd actually move from it.

I'm also going to write a fluff for my commander since he was a fire warrior, but I'm more focussing on how to get an awesome and creative story, but still not outflipped and unserious. :funny:

Then I have a question. (for an example) is all Tau from Sa'cea blue-grey, or is that the main colours? I mean, people have different colour schemes (mine is camo green armour and vanilla clothes) so either it must be a heck of different planets, or many divided under one planet? So what I'm asking (if it was a bit blurry) is if there lives more but one civilization on each planet? (if that is I would definitely write in my fluff that my shas'o landed on Elsy'eir, for their artwork and such)

My commander would come into the planet with such charisma that you could almost compare it to Lennon's, and the Tau would listen to his wise, great words and admire him (by this he had won a few great battles for the greater good so he was rather well known.)

Sounds everything I've written very stupid and dude-read-the-dex-again, or does it sound like a good start to an interesting fluff? Please criticize so that I can rewrite whats wrong :funny:

Well, that was my issue, please leave a comment, thanks! - Jonathan

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