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Hunter Cadre
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Default Hunter Cadre

This is my hunter cadre. Sorry It's a bit of a long read but any Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Tio've Elsy'eir Ko'vash Gue'vesa

Tio've Elsy'eir Ko'vash Gue'vesa is a Contingeng of 3 Hunter Cadre's from the sept of Elsy'eir currently under the command of Shas'o Elsy'eir shi'ur var Mont'yr kais.


Shas'o Elsy'eir shi'ur var Mont'yr kais

The overall supreme commander of the Contingent. He believes in the Tau Empire and that all races must submit to the wisdom of the Ethereal's and the greater good. He strides into battles in an XV8 battlesuit.

Aun'ui Tau Gal'leath Fio'shas

Kais's mentor and advisors. He doesn't generally acompany Kais into battle, he gives advice from orbit or their main base planet side, relaying advise and guidense to Kais and other leaders.

Shas'el Elsy'eir Shi Shas'len'ra

Kais's second in Command, Shas'len'ra leads single Hunter Cadre's in battles during their Campaigns for the Tau Empire. Shas'len'ra is a more Cautious leader as opposed to Kais. His Cautiousness has paid off in the past but has also prevented him from being given command of multiple Hunter Cadre's.

Shas'el Elsy'eir Skether'quan Kir'qath

Kir'qath is a succsessful Commander from the third shpere expansion. He is well known on Elsy'eir for his masterfull defense of a large City on Fi'rios from a large ork warband. He is generally deployed during defensive missions or for small skimishes and lightning raids.

Gue'vesa'vre Maximillian Ordo

The Leader of the Gue'vesa, Ordo is a loyal soldier to the Tau Empire, believing strongly in the Greater good, he leads his men in a steadfast dedication to Kais. He now resides on Elsy'eir along with the rest of his men, they are all treated with respect.


Kais has, over the years developed his own stratagy of warfare he named strength through presision. It Combines many different lesser stratagies, heavily incorporating Mon'wern'a (deceptive assault). The main principles of his stratagy is that team leaders are given greater freedom to do what they feel is best based on all the relevent information they are given (most likely because the Elsy'eir sept are known for the Creativeness). Basically, many Tau commander plan their battles carefully and give team leaders times and positions, once they lose momentem they disengage and plan again, in strength through presision however, after team leaders have done their task, they are to stay in their designated area and look for enemy weakspots to exploit or report enemy formations. This has been met with mixed success, their have been times when the firewarriors have destroyed enemy units that have won battles, other times however, they have been wiped out in traps. The results Kais produce are unquestionable however, Kais never forgets the sacrifaces his troops have made for the greater good. He also makes strong use of Gue'vesa.


Tio've Elsy'eir Ko'vash Gue'vesa troops speak with a very british accent.
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