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Deathrain - flamer or filter?
Old 18 Jun 2010, 18:21   #1 (permalink)
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Default Deathrain - flamer or filter?

I'm probably splitting hairs here, but would like to get some input from you guys on how best to equip a minimalist team of deathrain crisis suits. (TL missile pod, for those who were unaware).
Blacksun filters would guarantee supremacy in nightfighting missions and cost the least points, but night doesn't occur that often. The flamers are a good alternate weapon for almost as few points, but I'm having trouble figuring out when they would be very useful. Any situation I can think of where I'd want flamers, the suits should not have been that close to begin with and will probably die to assault immediately after firing.
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Default Re: Deathrain - flamer or filter?

Personally i run my deathrains with either Targeting arrays of flamers. The TAs really help out with making sure the majority of thier shots hit home, while the flamers give me an alternitive if things should get up close. I wouldnt run the black sun filters as unless you know its going to be nightfight they will help you in maybe 1 game out of 3...and thats only for the first turn.

Out of those to options i would take the flamer hands down.
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Default Re: Deathrain - flamer or filter?

Flamer. Ever have 20 hormaguants outflank near you? You'll likely get killed next round, but three suits armed with flamers, can knock that number in half before getting assaulted, and XV8s do surprisingly well in cc against some foes, with their 3+ save and strength 5 hits.
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Default Re: Deathrain - flamer or filter?

Thanks for the input guys, you made up my mind.
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Default Re: Deathrain - flamer or filter?

Flamers all the way, besides, I love gribbly death. I also need something that will pack more wounds in a pinch then a 2 at best shot. Why you will always see me do a mix between twin linked flamers, mp, or twin link missiles flamer.

Besides, why waste points when you can pack out more offense.

is night fight always that common :P
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