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6-8 man team?
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Default 6-8 man team?

Trying to tool my firewarriors, I am curious what peoples takes are with the 6 man firewarrior squads.

Any benifets more to 8 (to me enough firepower, but not alot of a loss) as opposed to 6 (diverting fire, and being a minimal 6% loss in 1000 pts.)
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 6-8 man team?

9's better than 8.

will only needa take a moral test when 3 guys die, not 2
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Default Re: 6-8 man team?

6 man team in a fish. the only current loadout that make any sense.
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Default Re: 6-8 man team?

For me, I'm afraid there's more to the equation that pure numbers. If you are going for minimalist squads that will hide in Devilfish to seize objectives... Stick with 6. If you plan to use them to hold rear-field objectives in ruins, then use the 8-man team.

But Shas'ui w/ Bonding Knife-- Critical upgrade at such small numbers. Transports *will* be popped; 8 is a world of difference over 7 in terms of morale, or the occasional lucky shot that punches a Warrior down.

Personally, I use *much* larger numbers (12 on average, dispersed from 2-3 squads). My own "rear guard" is a ten man Fire Warrior team with Shas'ui and two Marker Drones; this unit never has a transport attached, and doesn't move unless circumstances utterly demand it.

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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: 6-8 man team?

Im no expert on Tau strategy but I have a possible explination for a 6 man Fire Warrior Squad.

"Typically" in lower to medium point battles, players build a few squads with large numbers
outfited with (kill em fast) type guns.

Fire Warriors are really soft with their low toughness and their 4+ saves, which many decent
weapon types tend to bust through. If you split them up into two squads of 6 instead
of one of 12 then it takes two of your enemies units in order to hit both teams.
(which if your watching your table layout should be tactically beneficial)

You may lose one fire warrior team in this process, but if you have 12 models and 6 are killed
then unless you got the bonding knife (which I hope you did) the other 6 models may as well
be considered dead due to their inability to regroup.
If you did receive the bonding knife, the 6 remaining warriors still have to regroup and risk getting
killed in the meantime.

If you take a 6 warrior unit and three or more die (which is typical), then you lose less falling off the table and it takes longer for the enemy to eliminate your Str 5 support fire.

**Note: this is an untested theory, and I may be incorrect about the "one unit can only fire at one unit"
rule unless stated otherwise.
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Default Re: 6-8 man team?

I run 6 man teams mounted in devilfish. They are bonded with photons and an 'ui. These teams are strickly used to capture objectives. I rarely use them to shoot anything.

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Default Re: 6-8 man team?

Originally Posted by Fishpaste the elder
6 man team in a fish. the only current loadout that make any sense.
What he said

I dont see the point in investing in Firewarriors for any other purpose than objective boating, and I generally only take that unit (depending on the list im playing) because I have to (to satisfy the +1 criteria of the codex).
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