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New Tau codex- True???
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Default New Tau codex- True???

Hi, I'm just a regular guy that's heard a lot of rumours about a new Tau codex somewhere around spring '06. Can anyone of you confirm/disconfirm these rumours (are they true??)?

Thanks, Olannon
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Default Re: New Tau codex- True???

Personally i think its true. I mean all of the codecies are being re-released. But the next one will be the Ork codex (i mean it dosnt even have a summery).

Other wise this belongs in 40k rumours, and there are many topics on this already around.
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Default Re: New Tau codex- True???

I can personally confirm, after asking numerous GW staff from various stores in my area, that there is definately a codex update coming out next year, after black templars. Thats all we know really, the rest is speculation. See the following threads:


Those threads basically in order of age.

Originally Posted by Tau Board Posting Guidelines
There is a Search Function on the forums allowing members to search for topics of interest, but more importantly it allows users to check to see if the topic they are creating has been created before. Doing this would mean topics do not recur (which is not the case on the Tau board as we are continually pointing people to similar topics) so people don't waste their time repeating what has already been said. Furthermore it is extremely irritating to senior members here as we have posted regarding certain topics over and over and over, which is not enjoyable. So I ask all members who are posting here to first check whether their topic has already been done.

PS: Incase you haven't yet realised the Search button is located at the top left of the page, under the title 'Search'.
And this should be locked too...
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