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2010 'Ard Boyz, with my Tau =)
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Default 2010 'Ard Boyz, with my Tau =)

So I just woke up pretty much after a solid night of sleep post 'ard boyz. It was quite a grueling day yesterday, probably one of the most exhausting days or 40k I've played in a while. The competition was even fiercer than lasts years, but overall I think I performed this year twice as good as last year.

Had a variety of army types show up but sadly we only had 26 players this year whereas last years turnout was 38! We played in Fayetteville North Carolina btw. Of course there were many many guard lists this year, ALL of which were some form of mechanized (duh!) leafblowery lists. I think there were around 4-5 space wolf armies as well. 1 SoB player, couple vanilla marine armies, chaos marine armies, 0 nid players (was kinda sad). Some varied ork lists, from massive infantry, to tons of mech, and in betweens. I had the honor of being the only Tau player there and many players were rooting for me and my underdog status ;D.

My first round was tough, facing off against a mechy leafblower esq list. the first thing that caught my eye was 5 Vendettas! Then he had 1 chimera, 4 basilisks, sponsoned out Executioner with pask, and vets vets vets. Of course, the mystic was thrown in, and he chose iron hand straken as his HQ (that bleep word!) I pulled a minor victory from this game, controlling 1 objective, he controlled 0. Luck was on my side a bit this game as he had first turn with 4 basilisks glaring at me in a spearhead deployment. Cool cinematic moments this game were aplenty. My favorite being my stealthsuits shooting a flatout vendetta (from the third floor of a building) in the rear armor causing it to wreck. Good fun game, nice opponent.

The second game was my first ork opponent in a while. He brought SIX BATTLEWAGONS!!! All with deffrolla's . My objectives both scattered towards him 9-12 inches when I placed them which didn't help me at all. I ended up getting massacred this game, but partly do to time constraints. But I deployed a turtled position in the corner, using vehicles and buildings to stop half my opponents force from being able to reach my softer squishier troops. Worked well, and he even complimented me on my strategy quote "You did literally everything perfect in fighting me" following up with "Most Tau players have trouble fighting this army." I did kill 5 outa 6 of his deffrollas by turn 4, thanks to markerlights canceling out his obscured status from his 2 big meks. <3 railguns too. Great guy, great game.

Third game was against a space wolves player. I chock up my horrible defeat to a crappy deployment that I just don't even feel comfortable sharing with anybody, all you need to know is I did bad that game and it was all my fault. Funny moment however was the first time I had a wrecked devilfish directly on top a wrecked devilfish do to a wonky death or glory situation. Was quite humorous I must say. The luck that game was also in his favor, as he mad insane amounts of armor saves, and that game I just shouldn't have even bothered bringing disruption pods it seemed. Funniest thing about the 3rd round this year is my single deathrain team being the only surviving unit at the end of the game, which was the single surviving unit at the end of my 3rd round last year . Great opponent (with spiffy england accent) and even had fun while I was losing.

So my goal this year was to place higher than I did last year, which is supposed to be posted on the stores website today so hopefully I did. I really felt good about my first two rounds, and am still baffled why I played the way I did my 3rd round but hey, that's how things go sometimes. I had a great day, as did my fellow local gamers and really enjoyed the entire event as a whole. I took lots of pictures so I'll post a few up later (or try to at least).
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Default Re: 2010 'Ard Boyz, with my Tau =)

Glad to hear you had a great time. I was the only tau player at the store I went to as well. I scored 43 points placing 8th out of 22 players. All the armies I was afraid I would have to play against placed lasted, found that funny. We had top 2 spots standard space marines and sisters taking 3rd.
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Default Re: 2010 'Ard Boyz, with my Tau =)

I was the only Tau at my semi, and my list was designed to pop armor.

R1 vs nids: I got massacred.
R2 vs marines: I got a minor victory.
R3 vs nids: I got massacred again.

4 nids out of 28 players, and I have to play 2 of them. The winners were IG, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves.
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