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something funny
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Old 25 Jul 2005, 01:38   #1 (permalink)
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Default something funny

i was with my friends the other day, when a package i ordered came in the mail, of course it was some more WH40K, anyway, i was putting together my ethreal, the kind with the arm in the air, so all my friends look over and say, "what does the "statue of liberty" do?" we all looked at the ethereal then laughed for about half an hour, yea we have nothing better to do with our summers but work and spend our money on WH. If you have an ethereal doesnt it look like the statue of liberty? Im not trying to dis the statue of liberty or the ethereals, but i thought at the time it was funny.
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Default Re: something funny

Yeah, me and my friend + a few onlookers + my lil bro call it that. Everyone does :d. Standing like that in its pose is all it can do really.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: something funny

i've got yhe other ethereal....with his arms crossed over his chest, so i never really looked at the other one

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Default Re: something funny

ah...the Pharaoh ethereal ;D
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Default Re: something funny

lol, there's nothing wrong with working all summer and just playing 40k, thats what im doing lol. Ive go the "Statue of Liberty" Ethreal too...lol guess i never thought of it that way...huh.
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Default Re: something funny

Can you put an hounor blade on an etheral?
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Default Re: something funny

yes, ethereals can be given honour blades @ +10 pts
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Default Re: something funny

yup, with a bit of conversion. ground-crew-at-an-airport-etherial just needs his stick on outstretched arm removed, replace it with the kroot rifle barrel and stick a sword blade from something like the SW sprue onto both ends. kroot blades could also work. Or aunshi's honour blade...

constipated etherial can be done in much the same fashion.
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