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The New guy asking advice.
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Default The New guy asking advice.

Ok, so a few weeks ago I bought my very first 40k army. Tau because a) they look neat and b) lots of diversity and mobility in it's army.

So currently I got the Battleforce, and expanded that with an extra XV8, additional fire warrior squad and a broadside. Just to get a better graps at building and painting the models.
While not everything is done yet I want to expand it to be a decent army before diving headlong into my first match.

I was just wondering if you guys had any suggestions as to have I can expand this army. (I have about 800- 850 point so far)

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Default Re: The New guy asking advice.

Welcome to TO first and foremost.

You have already made 2 good decisions:
1) Picking Tau
2) Getting the Battleforce as a starter.

With the extras you have 3 troop units, 2 elite units (crisis and stealth) and a transport.
First thing i'd get next is a battlesuit commander, you need a good HQ with CIB at your disposal plus the other extra goodies you get in his box. you can then either take the other xv8's as bodyguard or operate them as monats. i think after the commander your best of getting a hammerhead, the mainstay of any tau army IMO. Pathfinders would also be a good investment, then give them the devilfish from the battleforce.

Once you start to expand to larger armies (1500 and above) XV8's are the way to go, and equip each squad to fill a certain role. many who are new to the game tend to go nuts by overloading their suits. remember each suit can only have 3 fixings, i.e. 2 weapons 1 support. so don't get carried away. many on the forum use certain configurations for suits such as deathrain or helios ( there are many setups and if you search the forum you'll find a full list). Each config is designed for certain roles, pick those which best suit your playing style as well as what your likely to be facing.

After this, i personally like vespid but its all about what you like the look of.

Hope this helps
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Default Re: The New guy asking advice.

Hello and welcome!

I suggest either getting an XV8 commander, or another XV8. The commander box will give you nice special issue weapons that will make him even more powerful.

The next thing I would get would be the Skyray, only because it comes with the parts to make a hammerhead and a skyray for a lower price then a hammerhead by itself.

Eventually you will want to look at the Fast Attack section. I suggest staying away from vespids unless you like the look of them, because they aren't the best of units. Personally I would suggest for fast attack, picking up a few blisters of pathfinder with CARBINES not the rail rifles. If you go pathfinders you may want to get another devilfish while you are there.

Hope that helps
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Default Re: The New guy asking advice.

Ah thanks a bundle.

I was eyeballing the crisis commander when I was at the store. thanks for the advice, I know a certain storeclerk who is going to be very happy when I drop by.

I was also thinking of increasing my kroot squad into a full blown "Bushmen" assaulting squad (Full kroot and kroot hound + shaper). Good idea or no?
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Default Re: The New guy asking advice.

The shaper is up to you, it's the same cost as 3 regular kroot, and only gives them a 6+ save. Even though they have that 6+ save most weapons will still just deny them that save. The only one I can think of that won't right off my head is a guardsmen lasgun. Either way kroot should be in cover anyways, which will be better anyways. It's up to in the end though.

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Default Re: The New guy asking advice.

Shaper isn't that good. Very few weapons in the game are not at least AP6 and you get more attacks (and shots) from 3 separate Kroot Warriors. The only reason I'd bring a Shaper is if you really find yourself needing the Leadership Bonus.

As for picking Tau, well, they aren't really that versatile due to having very little CC punch but they are a fun and challenging army to play.

Units to round out your army: Hammerheads (like someone said earlier: buy the Skyray set because it's cheaper (? IIRC) and it comes with all the proper bitz to make a Hammerhead) and Crisis suits are the powerhouses of the Tau army. Basically the backbone of any Tau army is comprised of those 2 units. There are oddball builds out there (mine included) that bring Stealthsuits but most of the time the Elites slots will be full of Crisis suits.

Pathfinders are also a nifty unit (Markerlights really boost the effectiveness of our army) but you can usually just build some Fire Warriors with Carbines to count as Pathfinders. There isn't much need to actually buy the metal Pathfinder models...

As for buying the Crisis Commander, unless you're doing tournaments a lot you can probably get away with scratch building some counts as CIBs and AFPs from bits of other guns.

As a 2 year player I suggest diving in as early as possible, it's what I did and I like to think it helped. My first match was a squad of Fire Warriors against a squad of Orks (that was messy :P). Low points values are the easiest place to learn how to play and what style you like best (and where you want to go next, it helps if you have a plan of how you want your army to work from your own experience).
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Default Re: The New guy asking advice.

You are certainly going to want some transports (devilfish).

As suggested, the skyray boxset is awesome, as as it comes with all the parts to make a devilfish, hammerhead and skyray.

By not gluing on the turret, and the chin gun, you can use one model for all three.
(if you really want to go nuts, you can magnetize the options...).

I would play a few games before deciding what else to buy, seeing what suits your style. Personally, I love crisis suits and fish for my troops. There are tons of comments on a variety of units here (and other places).

best of luck and good gaming!

Dave Pak
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Dave Pak
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Default Re: The New guy asking advice.

Good to see another Tau player in my area. I've been playing them for some years now, not always that successful but I blame Tim (aka Redrivertears, if you know him you'll get my point). I've had my share of games and play a mostly Mech-list lately. So lots of Devilfishes, Hammerheads and Crisissuits buzzing around.[sub] (Now switching to Eldar.)[/sub]

Like most said the Battleforce is a nice start. You should now look in the direction of mobility. Tau really need mobility to stay out of CC. Altough some Kroot meatshield is also effective.

Hope to see you around.

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