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Battleforce old or new?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Battleforce old or new?


i recently bought an old white dwarf magazine off ebay cause it had some Tau stuff in it.
I think it was from when Tau came out or something, but there was a pic of the battleforce different to the current one (the one i have) and i was just wondering why they made the change?
and what would people prefer:

6 gun drones
2 crisis suits


1 devilfish
3 stealth suits
1 marker drone

Personally i'm not too bothered about the gun drones, but i would much have preferred the extra 2 crisis suits to the devilfish & stealth suits.
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Default Re: Battleforce old or new?

Given the Nature of 5th, the devilfish is very helpful. However 2 Crisis suits in the current Battleforce would be nice, not over powered.
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Default Re: Battleforce old or new?

Well, at least theirs enough units in it to make a legal army list. I recall during the apocaolypse release a tau "army" was released and had no crisis suits in it!

I think a devilfish came with the old battleforce, along with 14 kroot, three crisis suits,6 gun drones, and 12 firewarriors.
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Default Re: Battleforce old or new?

Originally Posted by Oggy
i was just wondering why they made the change?
Probably to promote the new, at the time of the changeover, plastic Stealth Suits (and Marker Drone).
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