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Fi'rios Sept?
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Default Fi'rios Sept?

My friend is looking to start Tau and likes the fluff from Fi'rios, but neither he nor I can find any indication of what this septs colouring is. Does anyone know? Failing that, does anyone know what the planet might look like? Is it forested, or desert? etc.
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Default Re: Fi'rios Sept?

I don't believe they have a set official colour scheme, most septs don't having anything official to be honest. So I'd say go with what you like.
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Default Re: Fi'rios Sept?

well it says they wrested it from the hands of a fierce ork warlord so i can see the planet itself being covered in the remenants of past engagements with a wasteland sort of setting. in keeping with my hypothesis as for the coulour scheme i would say possibly a darker shade of desert camoflauge dulled down by drybrushing and detailed with chips and scratches to represent their remote nature and how they may need to have used equipment over and over again. as for the sept coulour i would say an orangey brown for a rusty colour representing the birth and history of the sept to free the land from the orks.
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Default Re: Fi'rios Sept?

The best part of Septs like Fi'rios and Ksi'm'yen is that there is no "canon" color scheme so you get to make up your own. Honestly I'd just go with a scheme I like a lot if I were him.

If he doesn't want any random scheme in particular or wants to be fluffy or wants some idea as to scheme because he can't think of anything I'd either go with a desert camo kind of scheme or possibly a jungle camo kind of scheme. Those are the kinds of worlds I see Orks being found on.

Actually, I suggested jungle because he might not like a brown color although I always imagine worlds the Orks have taken control of being muddy/polluted shit holes for some reason :P. I know there isn't much fluff to support this (or at least not that I know of)...
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Default Re: Fi'rios Sept?

Thats exactly what we were thinking... sort of.

We know Fi'rios is a world similar to T'au, so dry and deserty. And we know it is wartorn, so there would be lots of rusted hulks of colapsed society and burnt out regions. With that in mind I suggested red-brown colours for the armour.

I did a big search of the internet and found everyone is using grey as some part of the model, almost to a point where it seems a little fluffy to do so, so I suggested he followed the trend and made the secondary colour grey.

Finally the sept colour, I told him to pick something that would metaphorically reflect the stoic nature, like a dark blue.
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