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Farsight Force Organization
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Default Farsight Force Organization

So, having been building a Farsight model, I considered the idea of playing a Farsight Cadre. Now, that's fine , but I have a question about this 0-1 business. If I were to play a really big game and fill all the spots on the force organization chart (using up the 0-1 choices in doing so), would I be able to start over again, and take the 0-1 choices as it spills over into the next chart or would they be all used up?
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Default Re: Farsight Force Organization

To do so you would need to play well over 2500 (maybe even 3000) points to fill up all 2 HQ, 3Elite, 6 troops, 3 fast and 3 heavy in such a way. Also keep in mind that if you play with 2 FOC you will need 3 HQ and 8 troop minimum (the 2/6 of the first one and the minimal 1/2 for the second one).

But Yeah that would be one way of going aruond the 0-1 requirement since it's per FOC.
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Default Re: Farsight Force Organization

The points are not an issue, and neither are the Hq's. I was thinking for apocalypse sized battles (but obviously not apoc. for the whole force organization chart thing).

So the 0-1 starts again then?
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Default Re: Farsight Force Organization

You would only be able to start over if it was such a large game that both sides agreed to run multiple FOC's. Standard Rules (non-Apocalypse) games at this point level are rare, but I suppose they could happen. It's the only way to get a Superheavy into a standard game, as they usually count as a 2nd FOC all by themselves. If you want to run 2 hammerheads or something with Farsight and Company, then that's the only way to do it.

That's missing the point of of a Farsight enclave, though. Farsight is a reasonably cool character on his own, but you have to accept his interpretation of army structure in order to play him. That means it's all about crisis suits! A Farsight army can field a whopping 20 crisis suits (3 squads of 3 Elite, 1 3-suit HQ, and 1 8-suit FS and bodyguards) in a single FOC, but he loses out on a lot of other things. If you are not ready to go berserk with the crisis suits, then play standard Tau and just accept that you don't get any power weapons. Since you can get railguns, fusion blasters, plasma rifles, and craploads of kroot, that's only a minor problem!
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