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What is most broken?
View Poll Results: What is most broken, how should it be fixed?
Shas'vre 14 22.58%
Drones 29 46.77%
Shas'vre 5 8.06%
Kroot hounds 0 0%
Pulse Carbines 2 3.23%
Human Auxiliaries 1 1.61%
Fast Attack choices suck! 7 11.29%
Ethereals 0 0%
Tau are perfect! Long live the Greater Good! 4 6.45%
Voters: 62. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 22 Jul 2005, 04:15   #1 (permalink)
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Default What is most broken?

Hey folks,

With the rumors of a 3.5/4.0 codex release for later this year, I thought I'd poll the community to find out what everyone thinks is the most important fix for our army list.

If you think something else is the biggest sore spot, post that instead. Personally, I'm voting for the Shas'vre—it seems like a vital army upgrade, 10 points for extra experience, but in game terms all a shas'vre does is make 1 part of a terrible CC unit mediocre. No Tau player would take a shas'vre for any reason other than fluff.

Ready? Discuss.

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Old 22 Jul 2005, 04:40   #2 (permalink)
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Default Re: What is most broken?

my vote goes to drones as the most brokebn unit. they really need to fix the drone rules so that its worth taking them in crisis squads and for your commanders.
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Old 22 Jul 2005, 04:51   #3 (permalink)
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Default Re: What is most broken?

Fast attack, because that encompases two units that should work drastically different from what they do now.

Originally Posted by Brother Edwin
Also note I have 6 lord level HQ's leading 10 scouts.
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Old 22 Jul 2005, 06:02   #4 (permalink)
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Default Re: What is most broken?

I agree with Kesalin. IMO drones were always meant to be a meat shield for more costly units i.e. Crisis. The current rules at times can cause more harm then good. So until then I just keep the drones as FA and move them into coherency when I want them to take the hits...I'd rather that then have to take a 25% casualty test after losing a drone that I really could care less if i lost. Better them then me.
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Default Re: What is most broken?

Drones, then krootox. No need to repeat X amount of threads that have discussed drones since they broke.
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Old 22 Jul 2005, 06:27   #6 (permalink)
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Default Re: What is most broken?

This poll is a bit slighted if you ask me. *GW has openly said that the drones were screwed over in the 4th edition and that they would address it ASAP.

Thus, I said our Fast Attack choices SUCK.
Even though I don't think they are that bad.
They just aren't very fast...and aren't very cheap...

Then again, I don't use drones or Kroot.
I would use drones if they were fixed though...

Shas'vre obviously needs some help as well.
So two of the three choices anyone actually voted on weren't really hcoices, but utter truth! lol

I think we need more troop choices as well...

And another heavy support choice...

I'm rambling, ugh...

For the Tau'va,

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Old 22 Jul 2005, 10:58   #7 (permalink)
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Default Re: What is most broken?

my 2 cents

Fix the drones and let em mob up.
Fix the ox and shasvre

Why put markerlights on suits if you cant move an shoot. Sort that out too. :P

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Old 26 Jul 2005, 19:00   #8 (permalink)
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Default Re: What is most broken?

Originally Posted by pravo
my 2 cents

Fix the drones and let em mob up.
Fix the ox and shasvre

Why put markerlights on suits if you cant move an shoot. Sort that out too. :P

I am assuming you are talking about the stealth suits and the leader's markerlight.*
You are correct in that they cannot move in the move phase to shoot the heavy markerlight.....but they can shoot thier markerlight in the shooting phase and move in the assult phase (as stated in the chapter approved faq) without effecting the markerlight.

I think the pathfinders need some help.* They are expensive and difficult to use at times due to thier lack of speed 6" move.* They are best used for the markerlight...but since markerlight is heavy... they get stuck into a position when firing. So now you have to plan one step ahead to get them into position so they won't have to move in that turn you really need them to shoot (which is not bad since Tau are all about thinking ahead... you* just feel more restricted with the pathfinders).* *
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Old 26 Jul 2005, 19:14   #9 (permalink)
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Default Re: What is most broken?

Drones. The drones SHOULD die before their controllers.

And BTW, you should've added Pathfinders. They need a rule change.

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Default Re: What is most broken?

Fireknives. Too bloody common. Increase their cost by about +50% and force people to use other sodding weapon configurations!
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Originally Posted by Tom Norman
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