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VDR tau again
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Default VDR tau again

how much points cost twin-linked weapons railgun or ion cannon?
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Default Re: VDR tau again

im not sure on this, but i didnt think the could be twin linked ???

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Default Re: VDR tau again

The only railguns that can be twin linked are the ones on the Broadside, and they come linked. Ion Cannons can only be on HammerHeads and they can't be linked.
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Default Re: VDR tau again

75pts for a Hammerhead Railgun, 53pts for a twin-linked Ion Cannon.
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Default Re: VDR tau again

Spanish GW site/tau

then translate, look for the blue tank. tau VDR is here:./http://www.games-workshop.es/warhammer40k/razas/tau/adicional/omd.asp
the Blue tank link!./

heheheh not my idea but a good one;

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Astropath J-Leno./// ./
Location: Nimbossa./
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to: Adedeptus Mechanis tech-priest Larry git-r-dune.
form: genatus thridus Scotty./

We have recently uncoverd new evidence of xeno-units that pose a seroius threat to 2/3 of the imperium-space amrines./
These new vile xeno units give our holy warroir-monk's no end of fear, as they were used to attack ''fort cheese ''' @1120 hours just today. anways:

FireBike Fast Attack 0-1 1-3 per sqadron's./,<><<><>
Skimmer 11 10 9 Fast
Ion Cannon@BS4
Decoys Disruption POds
100 points

These new units will allow the opressed xeno's who are being biased agaitn by GW-er-the emporer-to striek back at the new unstopable smurfs-er-out most mighlty and valiant adeptus astreats./,

sidenote: Inquisitor Uno has just recently purged Genratus thriuds Scotty for xeno-colaberation adn hereasty. have a nice day./
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