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Starting Tau
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Old 20 Jul 2005, 10:21   #1 (permalink)
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Default Starting Tau

Ok, well after an IG Infantry Company - now two Companies, an Armoured Company, (all of which I am still expanding), 2 different Space Marine Armies, I decided I would start a Tau force, for no other reason than I like firepower.
I'd naturally use human auxiliaries, and mostly Firewarriors, to build a 1000pt force to start with.
As I have not yet got the Codex, but have played with/against Tau, I have an idea of how they play.
I am starting a Campaign on a blasted ice world - like Macragge was before the new BfM set came out :'(

I think a mechanised force would be cool, but not go with the fluff. So I will probably have a fully ground pounding force.
How do you think a force like that would fare against Nids? As that is the main foe of the campaign. I am thinking of Battlesuits and Broadsides for fire support.


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Default Re: Starting Tau

i think you may struggle with a ground based force as the new nids are very fast and also have good shooting options now as well.

if nids are going to be your prime opponent i would recommend a mobile force so you can move out of the way when the bugs get close.
also you would be better off with Hammerheads than XV88s for the following reasons

XV88 can only fire solid shot - and you cant instakill the big bugs now
XV88 is not mobile so terrain may be a factor - 72" range is of no use if there is terrain in the way
XV88 is very vulnerable to fast CC units (nids have loads of these)

HH can fire submunitions round - devistating against swarm armies like nids
far better mobility to hunt targets
skimmer makes it far harder to take out - as long as you move more than 6" ever turn he hits on 6

i would also recommend putting your FW in develfish so you can get them out of trouble.
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Default Re: Starting Tau

Hey there!

The first thing to do is - get the codex!!

And then read the Introduction threads in the Important Topics Sticky:
Introduction Threads
Want to Start a Tau Army?: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=839.0
"" "" Part 2: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=9493.0 - Brief outline of different play styles! This might be good for you to read.
Mech Tau Army Construction Basics:http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=8261.0 - Mech is pretty cool, and its actually pretty fluffy - Fire warriors don't usually footslog it across a battlefield etc..

Oh, and maybe have a look at the Sample army lists in the Tau Army lists board.
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Default Re: Starting Tau

About the Crisis Suits, I'd suggest lots of missile pods, mainly because Nids rely on Toughness, not armour save, and the Missile Pod has a high strength, not AP. Also, keep in mind not to go overboard with suits, because they can tend to eat points. Good luck
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Default Re: Starting Tau

The nids wil run down your FW and the game will be over. Our shooters have great rifles but are marginal marksmen. The pulse rifle will kill nids by the score if you can get hits. However, since you want to target the synapse rather than the swarm, leadership tests will be constant.

Plan on being outnumbered 2:1. With fleet of claw I doubt you will get two good rounds of shooting before CC. Thus, mounting in DF is smart and use FoF if possible. Also keeping the crisis from being overrun is important if you want to eventually kill the warriors, biovres and other larger bugs. The BS will die.

I think bugs will be tough for Tau in any event.

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Default Re: Starting Tau

When I get back from holiday I'll buy two boxes of Fire Warriors and Devillfish to start my army off. I'm quite good at converting etc, so that should not be a problem.
I like the idea of the mechanised Tau more now, and dislike Kroot - sorry
Basically I like firepower in my IG, but have slowly been going off the IG, sort of putting them on a back peg now.
As the campaign will have elements of Space Hulk - traditional style with Fire Warriors - and suchlike it should be cool with mechanised Tau.
I am not sure whether to get the Codex before the update, or borrow my friends. So have to wait and bide my time incase the new Codex has major changes.
Cheers for the advice, I'm thinking of fully mechanising* every squad - a daunting prospect after building an AC, but I've always wanted to play it, so an 'exotic' MI sounds cool

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Default Re: Starting Tau

The new codex is just an update/addon, thus its most likely you'll still need the original codex.
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